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Gamma Solutions Pty. Ltd. was formed in 1992.

Gamma Solutions specializes in data capture hardware and software, and designs systems varying in complexity from simple programs for barcode readers in a batch mode to sophisticated implementations involving wireless infrastructure.

Gamma Solutions has diverse technical backgrounds with experience using a variety of programming languages and platforms including Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Advanced Revelation, OpenInsight, Visual Basic, C, Perl, php, UNIX, Netware, Windows NT, RF Networks, Connectivity, Network Administration, etc…

Gamma Solutions combines Information Technology specialization with Quality Assurance expertise, to provide solutions that assist companies and organizations to attain and maintain a high level of quality standard at minimum costs. It offers a wide range of specialist products and services that ensure its customers receive the maximum value from their investment.

The company is continuing to design and develop generic as well as custom-designed systems some of which have been world first innovations.

Gamma Solutions also provides consulting services. Staff providing consulting services are experienced engineers with significant technical expertise in the fields of software development, management, bar code technology, and quality management. The consultants work with the customers to apply appropriate technologies to the customer’s unique business requirements. Services provided in this area include consulting, design, and system implementation.

Gamma Solutions is committed to providing quality practical and flexible solutions to suit the needs of its customers.

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