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Barcode Scanners

Wireless Barcode Scanners

Gamma Solutions has partnered with the leading barcode scanner manufacturers including Intermec, Datalogic, Honeywell and Zebra and keeping up to date with the latest barcode technologies within the retail, warehousing, healthcare, field service and transportation industries.

We provide barcode scanners that deliver fast 1D and 2D barcode reading using both the linear imager and laser scanning options. Choose from a wide range of general purpose scanners and industrial scanners that will meet virtually all your needs.

What Type Of Barcode Scanner Do I Need?

Barcodes play a vital role in tracking shipments, retail pricing, management of financial documents, and many other logistical and organisational services.

Consequently, it’s important to ensure you purchase a barcode scanner which enables you to perform these functions as efficiently as possible. As there are a number of options and varieties of scanners to choose from, picking the right barcode scanner for your business can be challenging.

Before purchasing a scanner, the first step is to identify your business’ specific needs. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Where will the scanner be used?
  • How often will it be used?
  • What kind of barcodes will you be reading?
  • How will the scanner be used?
  • Can you stay connected to a PC?

Knowing how you’ll be using the scanner will help you decide what scanner type, form factor, and other options you’ll need.

Corded Scanners

Every scanner has to communicate with a PC to transmit the barcode information into the software that you’re using. Historically, corded scanners only connected directly to the PC through a cable. This type of connection are still the most common for corded scanners, however serial (RS232), PS/2, and proprietary terminal connections are also available for many models.

Cordless Scanners

While they’re generally more expensive than their corded counterparts, cordless scanners have become increasingly popular as prices have decreased. Unlike corded scanners, cordless scanners communicate to a base station wirelessly. This base station is then connected to your PC through a cable. Since the cradle and scanner handle communication, your PC does not need to have any wireless support. This means that if you want to upgrade from a corded scanner to a cordless one, your computer will not be affected.

Most cordless scanners use bluetooth to communicate, where the range can be anything from 10 meters to more than 60 meters for specialised models. Some models also offer additional features that corded scanners don’t, such as batch memory modes and direct pairing.

While cordless scanners can be more expensive, they provide greater mobility and freedom as there are no cables to trip over.

Rugged Scanners

When purchasing a scanner, it’s important to note where you will be using it. Environment is a big factor in selecting a scanner, as you could seriously damage or break a scanner if it is not built to withstand the environment in which you’re using it.

Most scanners are designed for daily use in an office or retail environment, where the occasional drop will not cause any damage.

Rugged units are tough enough to handle the conditions in your warehouse as well as outdoor environments. With the ability to withstand temperatures between -20C and 60C, water and dust resistance and being shockproof, rugged devices are built to survive repeated drops and punishing weather conditions.

While rugged devices are more expensive, the time lost if your scanner breaks, and the cost of a replacement can far exceed the initial investment of a rugged device.

Finding the right Barcode Scanner for you

There a number of different barcode scanners available, where the type of barcode you need to read, the form of device, and the environment in which you’ll be using the scanner need to be taken into account.

With all the options available for barcode scanners today, it’s important to find the right device for your business needs. By determining how you will use the scanner, what features you need and where you will be using the device, you will be able to make the decision process easier.

If you are still unsure of what barcode scanner is right for you, or if have any questions, why not contact us or call us 1300 042 662 today!