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StayLinked in Australia

StayLinked Corporation, today’s premier provider of terminal emulation and related software technologies. Founded in 1991 as D&E Support Professionals, Inc., StayLinked focuses upon developing and supporting software and professional services solutions for inventory control, warehouse management, manufacturing, distribution and retail application environments on the IBM i (AS/400-iSeries) and other highly reliable host-computing platforms.

StayLinked Terminal Emulation debuted in 2002 as the first thin-client terminal emulation solution-a marked deviation from existing device-side technologies that evolved from the wired terminal model. Built from the ground up for wireless environments, StayLinked utilizes its proprietary Client2Host™ architecture to assure wireless connectivity when others cannot. StayLinked was the first host-based thin client terminal emulator; the first to provide true software-only session persistence; the first to provide a GUI Administrator console for emulation configuration and session control; and is still the only emulator with Advanced Terminal Session Management included with terminal emulation licenses.

StayLinked Terminal Emulation is pre-loaded on all currently shipping Psion, LXE, Janam, AML, and Paxar devices. StayLinked also supports devices by Motorola/Symbol, Intermec, Datalogic/PSC, Honeywell/HHP, BOSaNOVA, Citadel, SmarTerminal, Timbatec, and other popular DOS, Win CE, PocketPC™, and Windows Mobile devices. StayLinked Terminal Emulation is also available for MS Windows-based PCs and laptops to allow office and remote workers to benefit from the same managed emulation environment as wireless and cellular devices.

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