Field Service Solutions

The key to any field service operation is having real-time information on which employees can act to deliver superior customer service each and every time. Real-time information enables businesses to respond to any customer query in a timely manner with a solution which will keep the customer coming back time and time again.

Gamma Solutions offer an extensive range of mobility products to suit any business needs; ensuring that everyone within the company, from mobile workers through to senior management have fast and accurate information in the palm of their hands.

Devices can be staged and configured by Gamma Solutions prior to despatch. They will be ready to work straight out of the box. These devices can also be used as a mobile phone, contain signature capture applications, mega–pixel cameras, card readers and run windows mobile applications. It is now easier than ever to provide an extremely high level of customer service.

There are a number of benefits to both the business and its customers. With mobile workers spending much of their time out of the office environment, businesses can use Gamma Solutions equipment to improve workflow and productivity. Mobile Computers and printers provide field employees with access to product information, customer data whilst also recording all service activities. For businesses which have a requirement to carry inventory within their vehicle, our field service products are the perfect inventory management tools. Immediately a part has been used the system will automatically prompt a re-order request which will be ready for them to collect the next time they are in the office. A further benefit of the work in process tracking system is the ability for businesses to see at which stage the respective job is, and how long it is taking to complete -a critical step in cost analysis. Once a job is complete, the back office is automatically updated and an invoice is immediately printed and emailed to the customer. This process, one which can take weeks to complete, is now automated and instant, resulting in increased profitability and quicker access to cash flow.

The products offered by Gamma Solutions can be used for:

  • Cash Management
  • Workforce Automation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Work in Process Tracking including time taken to complete the job
  • Asset Management
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Proof or service/delivery
  • Time and attendance
  • Parts Identification
  • Inventory Management

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