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Three Game-Changing Predictions for 2018

Manufacturing has been changing at a rapid pace over the past decade, especially since the introduction of digital technologies. This pace shows no signs of slowing in 2018, with more manufacturers around the world embracing brand new technologies and ways of operating. Here are 3 game-changing predictions for the manufacturing

Top 7 Solutions to Decrease Global Supply Chain Risk

        In today’s globalised economy, it is common practice to have components manufactured all over the world. Effective management of your supply chain is critical as each party involved in the supply chain depends on the others to perform their part correctly. It only takes one party

Why Rugged and Who Needs It

      Handheld are the experts when it comes to rugged tablets, handhelds and computers. Their products are designed to withstand regular dropping, exposure to dust, extreme temperatures and even rain. These products have the ability to continue operating under all exposed working conditions for the life of the

Introducing the New Generation Datalogic Skorpio X4

Datalogic, a global leader in mobile computers, recently announced the release of its new Skorpio X4 mobile computer, which is a follow up to their very popular Skorpio X3 and original Skorpio predecessors. The X4 is a compact, handheld computer that has been designed to make data collection and assisted

Net Neutrality and Me

You’ve probably heard a lot on the topic of Net Neutrality ever since the trump administration’s FCC (Federal Communications Commission) moved to repeal the United States Net Neutrality rules, back in December of 2017. However, there has been a lot of conjecture and misinformation surrounding the debate, particularly regarding what

Why Don’t I Own my Phone?

In March of this year, Oculus Rift users found that they were unable to access their devices, and were faced with an error telling them that the device was unable to access the Oculus Runtime service. As it turns out, this glitch was caused by Oculus not updating a single

Gamma Solutions is now StayLinked Certified

            Gamma Solutions is now StayLinked Certified. Specialising in data capture hardware and software, Gamma Solutions has extensive experience is designing systems varying in complexity from simple programs for barcode readers in a batch mode to sophisticated implementations involving wireless infrastructure. “StayLinked gives our customers the confidence in

Top 10 Manufacturing Facts

Manufacturing is part of everyday life, however people have underestimated the importance of the manufacturing industry for many years. Manufacturing is critical to the economy and also helps to drive innovation. The United States is a world leader in manufacturing, developing processes and technologies that have had an impact on

Mobile Device Management: Manage your Mobile Users Easier

With the number of data security breaches growing in recent years, businesses need to be upping their game when it comes to mobile device security. With many of the recent data breaches occurring due to the loss of or a security breach of a mobile device, these could have been