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Product Launch – Vehicle Mount Computer, the Rhino II

Datalogic is pleased to announce our next generation Vehicle Mount Computer, the Rhino II!  Targeted at warehouse and factory forklift applications, in-vehicle applications requiring a rugged computer, and even fixed applications on the factory floor where a rugged and sealed device is mandatory.  The Rhino II VMC is designed and

Will Millennials Change the Manufacturing Industry?

People who want to keep millennials away from the manufacturing industries portray a negative image of manufacturing factories to ensure that millennials seek out white-collar jobs and stay clear of the industry. However, despite all that, some millennials have shown a great deal of interest towards the manufacturing industry. Millennials

Blockchain Technology Empowering Business Transparency

Blockchain is a distributed ledger designed for storing transactions and information across several databases. Records in the blockchain cannot be altered without changing the subsequent blocks which means that any changes made to the information on the blockchain is recorded. This aspect of blockchain makes it secure and transparent. Realizing

8680i Wearable Mini Mobile Computer

Experience the future on your wrists, with the 8680i wearable mini mobile computer. Yes, you heard that right, it is mobile and a computer, but you can wear it and take it with you anywhere. I know what all of you are thinking. All smartphones these days seem to be

Detecting Ancient Stars with Radio in the WA Outback

A high-tech antenna in a whisper-quiet part of outback Western Australia has enabled scientists to make a ground-breaking discovery about when stars first lit up our universe. A team of American scientists used a small antenna to pick up radio wave signals from the time the first stars formed, a

Are Medical Drones the Future of Healthcare?

Drones, also referred to as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), have fascinated retailers around the world, who aim to use the technology for delivering packages at record speeds. However, these fast flying machines aren’t solely for delivering packages and goods, they present an exciting array of potential applications in the medical

How Airline Freight Works

You can ship just about anything by air. Letters, packages, cars, horses, construction equipment and even other airplanes can be shipped air freight. Today, almost anything can be transported by air. People, pets, food, cars and even helicopters can be shipped by plane. Beyond the logistics of getting to and

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is computing that’s done at or near the source of the data, instead of relying on a cloud at one of a dozen data centres to do all the work. It doesn’t mean the cloud will disappear. It means the cloud is coming to you. Edge computing allows

Get to know Honeywell’s new Dolphin CT40 Handheld Computer

Honeywell’s new Dolphin CT40 mobile computer is built on Android and the Mobility Edge platform. It is a sleek, enterprise-class, full-touch device for retail, light transport and logistics. Its Direct Store Delivery (DSD) applications are designed to help businesses provide a seamless customer experience and speed up workflows such as:

What is a Qubit?

To understand what a qubit is, we need to understand what a bit is and why there was a need for a qubit. A bit is a basic unit of information in the digital world. Bit is a word derived from Binary Digit – Bit. So, a bit is basic unit of