The world has rapidly embraced digital practices across various domains. Most business practices these days and even conventional operations have gone online.

This is especially true for major warehouses that manage inventories, and sort and dispatch various products to customers. Wireless connectivity is a simple necessity in these facilities as it enables effective supply chain management from the receival of products to their exit from the warehouse.

In the absence of effective Wi-Fi connectivity, the chain of operations can become haphazard. Most major organizations these days have digital inventory management systems where entries are updated in real-time. Sometimes, even suppliers have direct access to the system enabling them to schedule deliveries in a timely manner to the warehouse and ensure seamless operations. Without a strong Wi-Fi connection, the entire supply chain can fail. 

Your warehouse can also be experiencing similar issues. Here are 3 clear signs that a comprehensive wireless site assessment is needed for your property;

1.Periodic Disconnections Are a Frequent Occurrence

Devices not connecting or automatically disconnecting from the respective network over time can indicate a huge flaw in the system. Not only is it inconvenient to the employees but also costly for the organisation. The hindrance in smooth operations can pose the risk of missing prompt deliveries or delays in effective customer service. A simple faulty wireless connection can off-set a significant investment made by the organisation in state-of-the-art devices and sophisticated warehouse management software. 

A wireless site assessment can uncover issues that may be causing disruptions in effective internet connectivity across the facility. Metal cages and other inventory related equipment within the warehouse can sometimes, for instance, cause interference in signal reception across the space. Through the identification of these problems, assessment experts can work on effectively rectifying them promptly.

2. Issues with Wi-Fi Roaming

This is another common issue where devices can get stranded on certain access points or drop connections altogether. These issues can present similar challenges to the frequent disconnections as the internet ceases to exist in the facility. If your facility employees are complaining that they are not receiving the speeds or seamless connectivity that is needed through the warehouse, it is time to call for an effective wireless site assessment to ensure the root cause of the problem.

3. Response Times on Devices Is Slow

In modern times, smartphones and digital devices have become extremely advanced. Their high-performance processors allow for rapid response times on any application. Since people have become accustomed to fast devices, any interface that is slow can reduce their productivity. Many companies assume that turning up the power on their access points can provide faster connections but that is not true. This can in fact give rise to roaming problems rather than solving the existing one. 

A wireless site assessment is once again the answer here as it provides an elaborate overview regarding not just the current issue but any other underlying ones that may emerge in the future.

Wrapping It Up

If you are looking for a wireless site assessment on your warehouse, contact us at Gamma Solutions today. We offer a wide range of hardware solutions to businesses across the country, ensuring streamlined supply chain management and data collection.

About Gamma Solutions.

Gamma Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company, based in Melbourne, with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Founded in 1992, the company provides all the components of mobile computing, RFID and data collection systems such as portable terminals, barcode scanners, barcode printers and wireless networks; as well as professional services including systems analysis, design and implementation, middleware software and training.

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