5 Interesting New Features of the Latest Android 11

After 4 developer previews of this software, Google has finally released the first public beta of Android 11. The news of the new Android 11 has just hit the airwaves, and it has already created a huge buzz. For now, you can install the first beta if you have a pixel phone. However, currently, it is available only for a few pixel phones (Pixel 2 or newer). Installing the beta is far easier and straight forward than its developer preview stage.

The new version of Android has some great features. So, without further ado, let’s discover the 5 interesting new features of the latest Android 11.


1. Provides You With Complete Notification History

Usually, Android doesn’t allow you to see the notifications which have been dismissed previously. This specifically applies to the Android 10 notification log, which remains hidden from users. However, Android 11 alludes to an option of notification history, which will prove extremely helpful. It’s only a matter of time before we have it in our hands.

2. You Can Mute Notifications While Watching Videos

That’s right ladies and gentlemen,  with Android 11, you will have the option to record videos smoothly without the notifications distracting you every now and then. There are times when you want to videotape your child or your pet, but the notifications continue to bother you. Now, you don’t have to worry about being distracted by notifications as you film!

3. You Have the Option to Maximize Touch Sensitivity

This feature is perfect for people who use screen protectors on their phones. With Android 11, Google provides an option of high touch sensitivity. With this feature, you get the option of controlling the touch sensitivity of your phone’s screen. Thus, even with a screen cover or protector, you will not have to worry about missed taps or scrolls.

4. Offers Native Screen Recording

For a while now, Google has been trying to come up with a screen recorder for Android. However, with the new Android 11, the dream has pretty much come true, and experts are anticipating that the screen recording feature will launch this very year. Although there was a prototype of the screen recording feature in the preview, this one will definitely be more refined.

5. Auto Revokes Application Permissions

With the new Android 11, you get to revoke permissions related to camera, location, microphone, etc. This applies to applications that have not been used for a long time or a few months. You can benefit from the new setting, especially if you are absolutely certain that you won’t be using an app in the immediate future.

So, these were just some of the many interesting new features of the latest Android 11. To explore further and stay updated with the latest trends and exciting technology, feel free to visit our website today and get in touch with our personnel.

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