I’m sure most of us have returned home to find the postman has visited while we were out and about. While usually a collection card is slipped under the door, many have returned home to find their parcels in less than desirable locations…

In the hilarious gallery on website Bored Panda, customers reveal the funniest and most frustrating ways their parcels were delivered:

1. One UPS postman hid a box in the rafters with a sign saying ‘Look Up’ taped to the adjacent column:

2. This UPS postman ignored the couple’s request to knock loudly, instead leaving a collection notice on the sign:

3. This lady’s Mother’s Day surprise was ruined after the delivery instructions were printed on the side of the box:

4. The owner of this package was left wondering what had happened, after it arrived at their door step looking like it was involved in a serious accident or crime:

5. This FedEx driver sparked outrage after CCTV footage of him throwing a computer monitor over a fence went viral:

6. The recipient of this parcel got more than they bargained for, when their parcel showed up covered in ‘cow faeces’:

7. These customers were left asking ‘how?’ when their letters were damaged beyond repair:

8. This FedEx driver gave a whole new meaning to door to door delivery…

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