Aruba Central offers a way to monitor and manage your Aruba Instant APs (Access Points) that is simple, cost-effective, and secure.

With Aruba Central, you can view a summary of your entire network, including access points, switches, and clients. Aruba Central also offers location mapping for your network and a comprehensive view of flagged alerts. With this, and Aruba Central’s extensive search capacity, troubleshooting with Aruba Central allows for you to isolate problems with your network quickly and efficiently. You can also: · Alter network names, MAC addresses, serial numbers, and other attributes · Get information about connected clients, memory usage, and firmware · Track individual Wi-Fi client data, including signal strength, speed, association history, and device type · Identify rogue devices in your network with Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS)

Aruba Central allows you to customise guest Wi-Fi and allows for analysis of guest activity so you can secure and optimize your network performance. A dedicated AppRF dashboard allows you to view individual application, application categories, web categories, and web reputation. Other guest Wi-Fi capabilities include: · Gather real-time and historical data on prospective customers; such as how long they stay at a location or how frequently they enter a location · Compare metrics across multiple locations and times to aid in making business decisions · Measure traffic and engagement of conversions through your network

With Aruba Central, your data is stored securely and indefinitely so you can create reports containing historical data. Aruba Central also ensures the highest possible availability and uninterrupted service to its users. Providing the highest level of data storage and security, Aruba Central also features: · Web-scale database design for responsive performance, even when working with huge amounts of data · Redundancy with clustering and distribution to multiple data centres from multiple providers for seamless continuity, meaning you will have continual access even if one of the data centres is experiencing issues · Mutual authentication using certificates, stored in a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), ensures secure communication with Aruba products

With phone and online technical support included in your subscription, Aruba Central has everything you need to maintain a fully operational enterprise network.

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