With each passing year, more and more devices are requiring a Wi-Fi connection to function as designed. The number of devices requiring a connection has grown exponentially faster than the innovations in Wi-Fi technology that can cater to them.

However, we have some good news in the form of Wi-Fi 6. In 2019, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced a new form of wireless connection that is based on the 802.11ax protocol, called the Wi-Fi 6. It is a Wi-Fi technology that can sufficiently fulfil the growing demands of seamless connectivity.

Wi-Fi 6 is now accessible in popular phones and electronic devices, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Surface Laptop 3, and all Aruba series access points. If you’re unsure about how Aruba Wi-Fi 6 technology can benefit your organisation, then keep reading below to know more about the problems it addresses:

Aruba Wi-Fi 6 Maintains a Strong Connection in Crowded Places

The Aruba Wi-Fi 6 has the capacity to support a very high device density without causing any connectivity or speed issues. This means that you will no longer have network congestion issues when there is a crowd of devices connected to the Wi-Fi and using it for high data activities, such as 4k videos, voice messages, etc.

Aruba Wi-Fi 6 Maintains a Consistent Indoor Coverage

Regular Wi-Fi connections often get disrupted due to the presence of walls, buildings, and other concrete structures.  With Wi-Fi 6, you will have access points that streamline the network accessibility across your organisational space. This means that your calls will not be disrupted just because you move from one floor to another. You will have access to an interrupted connection regardless of how much data your activities consume.   

Aruba Wi-Fi 6 Ensures Privacy with Encryption

The privacy and data threat posed by public Wi-Fi connections is eliminated by the Wi-Fi 6 because it leverages a built-in encryption system to protect all the connected devices.

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