As the world learns to live with COVID-19 as a part of their life, a new working model has emerged and taken over: hybrid work. The pandemic forced employers to make room for maximum flexibility in terms of the physical presence of their workers. Today, as more and more employees are returning to workplaces, it has become imperative for companies, businesses, and organisations to ensure safety and minimise risk.

A Safe and Secure Workplace!

Aruba led the way in providing an innovative workplace safety solution in the form of state-of-the-art contact tracing software. It is a cloud-based network that traces contact with location tracking tools. It uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to trace the location of connected devices with the help of the network that the workplace already uses.   

The biggest benefit of this software is that it is a natural extension of Aruba’s Edge Services Platform, which means you will be spared additional expenditures or upgrades. Here are the key features of the contact tracing service that we offer:

Cloud-Based Tracing

The biggest benefit of using Aruba’s contact tracing network system is that its data collection is cloud-based, which means the data is consolidated and updated in real-time and accessible from anywhere.

Identify ‘Hotspots’

The contact tracing system can easily identify different hotspots around the workplace where the number of people is high. This way, you can recreate floor plans and take appropriate actions to mitigate risk.

Trace via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth without Discounting Privacy

The feature that makes Aruba’s contact tracing highly effective and accurate is that it traces the location and contact points of different workers without breaching their privacy. All the devices connected to the workplace network either via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can easily be traced. The system is highly user-friendly and easy to navigate.

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