Enabling a Remote Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and for many of us, working from home has become the new norm.  Along with many companies, telecommunications giant Telstra recently ordered almost 20,000 office staff to work from home. Australians from all walks of life are now setting up workspaces at home and considering some of the limitations that working remotely poses.

Dealing with family members in the house, getting a rigid work routine in place and not having the water cooler chat that we were familiar with are just some of the considerations.  One issue that many remote workers are challenged with is no longer being part of the corporate IT network.  That familiar blue cable or Wi-Fi connection that enables us to print, scan, access corporate drives, servers and apps and even your VOIP phone are now no longer available.  We may have a connection to the internet but many critical resources on the corporate network are no longer available.

Enter the RAP (Remote Access Point).  A remote access point looks like a regular Wi-Fi Access Point but allows devices in your home office to access your corporate network securely as if you were back in your office.  The technology is safe, secure, easy to setup and allows you to access all the resources you need.  How does it work?  The RAP provides a highly secure data tunnel through your standard internet connection back to your corporate network.

RAP’s are controlled and managed by your IT through a wireless controller just like any other access point on the corporate network.  Many devices like the HPE Aruba IAP303H has RAP capability and allows for zero touch provisioning – RAP’s can be delivered to the remote location with practically no setup required by the end user.  Along with connection for wireless devices via Wi-Fi, wired devices like printers and VOIP phones can also be plugged directly into the RAP allowing them to be managed and used as part of the corporate network.  And yes, your VOIP phone will work in your virtual office just like it did in your real office – in fact the caller may not even know that you are working remotely.

Enabling your remote workforce has become more important than ever – contact Gamma Solutions to discuss your immediate needs and how deploying RAP’s to your remote workers can deliver services ensuring that they are as productive (dare I say more productive) as they were in the office.


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HPE Aruba IAP303H Remote Access Point

HPE Aruba IAP303H Remote Access Point


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