Most of our work lives involve sitting around all day. Find out how this simple move can help you combat the harmful effects of this sedentary lifestyle.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that humans now spend more time sitting than ever, as automation has taken over most manual jobs. While sitting at a desk seems comfortable, a significant amount of research indicates that sitting for prolonged periods can have a disastrous impact on our health.

Sitting for six hours a day can lead to a number of health issues, such as obesity, increased risk for diabetes and cancer, anxiety, depression, and varicose veins. People who sit for long amounts of time also report a lower quality of life than those who move around a lot.

It is, however, important to realize that people’s jobs force them to sit for long hours, and they do not have time to walk around.

This dilemma plagues most modern working people; thankfully, new scientific research has shown that there is an easy solution to this problem. This article describes how an easy routine can save people from the effects of sitting.

The Solution to The Harmful Effects of Sitting

Doctors frequently advise their patients to move more. However, due to their jobs and unclear instructions, most people are confused about how to incorporate movement into their lifestyles. A recent study outlines just how much people need to walk to offset the harmful effects of prolonged sitting.

A study spearheaded by researchers from Columbia University has clarified a simple routine through which people can prevent the health issues that can arise from sitting. According to the study, five minutes of walking every half hour of constant sitting can help people avoid health issues. The study tested five different periods of walking and concluded that five minutes of walking every 30 minutes is the optimal period for people.

All 11 participants responded positively to this routine and reported lower blood sugar and blood pressure after walking. They also noticed a significant improvement in their mood and reported lower fatigue.

Final Thoughts

While most of us associate excessive or prolonged sitting with comfort, it can wreak havoc on our health. Despite this information, most of us are bound to sit due to our jobs. Following the routine of five minutes of walking every half hour cannot only help stave off chronic health issues, but it can also help us improve our mental health and work performance.

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