A leader in the field of land seismic acquisition technology was having trouble finding a device that could withstand the rugged terrain and intense heat of Mexico’s landscapes.

Land seismic acquisition involves a ton of technical work outside in the natural elements; therefore, the technology used should be as robust as the landscape surrounding it. Most devices are unable to cope in such conditions; however, Handheld came up with the perfect solution in the form of the Nautiz X6.

The customer explains, “We knew this seismic project needed a QC (quality control) device that could withstand Mexico’s rugged terrain and hot climate. The Nautiz X6’s size, integrated features and operating system were perfect for the project and served the client’s needs.”

Here are all the features of the Nautiz X6 that make it the perfect land seismic acquisition technology.

What is The Nautiz X6?

Nautiz X6 is an Android phablet, i.e., the perfect hybrid between a phone and a tablet. Unlike conventional phablets, the X6 is perfect for rugged environments and can withstand high temperatures and pressure. It has all the functionalities of a rugged handheld device, yet technologically, it is on par with the best tablets on the market.

Best Features of Nautiz X6

Here are some of the best features of Nautiz X6 that make it ideal for land seismic acquisition:

1. Dust and Waterproof

The Nautiz X6 is fully dust and waterproof, which means it is ideal for outdoor use.

2. Robust Replaceable Battery

Nautiz X6 has an excellent battery life and can work for multiple shifts even on a single charge. Its battery is also replaceable, which means you do not have to ever stop using the device to let it charge.

3. Sunlight Readable Screen

The biggest issue with using devices outdoors is visibility problems. Nautiz X6 has been designed specifically to be able to be read in the sunlight.

Final Thoughts

Long operations in the field of land seismic acquisition require both you and the technology you use to be rugged and withstand the natural elements. The Nautiz X6 is the pinnacle in rugged handheld technology, and we look forward to partnering with Handheld and providing such technological solutions to our clients in the future.




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