If your challenge is capturing accurate parcel dimensions as parcels move in and through your shipping workflows, your solution is Zebra Dimensioning – Certified Mobile Parcel and Mobile Parcel. Both are industry firsts — dimensioning solutions that are fully integrated into handheld mobile computers, enabling the anywhere and anytime capture of accurate parcel dimensions. Certified Mobile Parcel provides the pre-certification required to validate dimensions as legal for trade, enabling the instant calculation of shipping charges. And Mobile Parcel is ideal when you need visibility into parcel dimensions to improve load planning and warehouse utilisation to streamline operations, reduce overhead and reduce shipping costs.


Advanced features put Zebra Mobile Dimensioning solutions in a class of their own

Fully integrated

There are no additional external snap-on accessories that can impact overall size, weight, rugged specifications, comfort and reliability. If the mobile computer is dropped, it will remain in calibration — unlike a device with an attached dimensioning accessory that may need re-certification.

Capture dimensions anywhere

This fully mobile solution allows you to capture dimensions anywhere in your operations — doorstep collection in homes and businesses, parcel drop off locations, warehouses, depots and hubs.

International Weights and Measures pre-certified

Zebra Dimensioning — Certified Mobile Parcel is supplied pre-certified by NTEP (US), OIML (EU/EFTA), MC (Canada)1, NMI (Australia) and MBIE (New Zealand) at launch, with additional certifications in the future.

Fast and easy integration

This complete solution includes an integrated Time of Flight sensor; pre-installed and sealed Zebra Dimensioning Service and application software; and a Zebra Mobile Dimensioning Application Programming Interface (API) that makes integrating the capture of parcel dimensions into enterprise backend systems as easy as integrating the capture of barcodes.

Rapid capture of practically any parcel

Capture a wide range of sizes and box types, with any background. Box dimensions can range from 10 cm/3.9 in. per side to 100 cm/47.24 in. per side (dependent upon the certifying organization). Boxes can be plain, wrapped or printed with graphics — and tape and labels won’t affect dimensioning capabilities.

Capture dimensions in virtually any environment

Parcels can be placed on a counter or the floor — cement, tile or carpet. And dimensions can be captured in any lighting — in direct sunlight outdoors, any type of indoor lighting, a dark room or outside at night.

Comfortable ‘no-miss’ aiming

Simply place the entire parcel in the camera viewfinder window and position the red aiming dot in the center of the top surface of the parcel for reliable first-time every-time capture of accurate dimensions — even if there are other parcels visible in the camera window. And since you can aim straight down or at an angle, you can easily capture dimensions regardless of whether parcels are on the floor or counter.

Easy to use software

The Zebra client software is simple, straightforward and intuitive, enabling rapid adoption — your users will be up and running with minimal training. With the API, it’s easy to integrate Mobile Dimensioning functionality into your line of business applications, providing a simple and seamless user experience.

Capture accurate dimensions in just seconds

It takes less than five seconds to capture dimensions — just point and capture — infinitely faster than using a tape measure. The automated capture using the integrated Time of Flight camera ensures certified legal for trade accuracy — the opportunity for keying errors during data entry eliminated.

Improve loading and warehouse optimization with a non-certified option

In addition to determining accurate shipping charges, dimensioning data can also be utilized to optimize enterprise operations. Zebra Dimensioning — Mobile Parcel, a noncertified lower cost option, allows enterprises to capture and send dimension information farther upstream in key business processes, providing earlier visibility to better plan loads and warehouse space requirements.

The many benefits of Zebra Mobile Dimensioning

Improving operations from the point of pickup to the point of delivery

Increase workforce productivity and efficiency

Now, instead of using a tape measure, workers can simply point and shoot to capture dimensions, anywhere. The time saved allows you to process more parcels per day, helping shippers accommodate the constant increase in parcel volumes.

Increase revenue

Shipments that arrive at logistics centers with inaccurate measurements create the opportunity for undercharging and lost revenue. And billing errors can cost freight companies as much as 3 to 7 percent in additional costs. With Zebra Dimensioning — Certified Mobile Parcel, shipping costs are always accurate and provable, protecting revenue and profitability.

Eliminate the high cost of dispute and damage claims

The capture of certified accurate dimensions eliminates disputes over dimension inaccuracies. And since a photo of each parcel is captured as part of the dimensioning process, parcel condition at pickup is undeniably documented, eliminating erroneous claims that damage occurred between pickup and delivery.

Increase utilization and ROI for the delivery fleet

Visibility into the dimensions of incoming packages at pickup enables better upfront load planning. With Zebra Dimensioning — Mobile Parcel, truckloads can be optimized, reducing the number of trips to move parcels and the associated costs — including drivers, fuel and vehicle wear and tear and maintenance.

Increase warehouse utilization

Lack of visibility into measurements at pickup or drop-off results in over-estimation of warehouse space requirements. And inaccurate measurements lead to an estimated 20 percent sub-utilization of warehouse space due to inefficient slotting. 3 Zebra Dimensioning — Mobile Parcel enables better warehouse utilization, freeing up space to be re-purposed to better support revenue generation and other business operations.



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