No matter the love we have for the planet that has housed us for centuries, we are aware that Earth is not a place for us to live forever. There will come a time when we might perish as our homeland will become extinct, and those will be times when we might have to relocate. Do you know that Earth is most likely to become uninhabitable in the coming one to five billion years from now? What do you think humans will do then? Do you believe that there is life on the moon? What might it be like living on the moon? Or perhaps mars? Which place do you think in our entire cosmos is the most suitable for us to move our lives to? Let’s see what we have so far about making life on Mars or the moon possible!

The Process of Making the Moon Habitable

Human beings have to prepare themselves for a situation where when the time comes, we would be able to save our race from dying out. However, in order to do so, we have to make the conditions of the moon and Mars habitable. This poses the most important question that is there any oxygen in these places? As oxygen is the most fundamental need for living, how can we generate it? According to research, there is enough oxygen present on the moon, but the problem is that it is not in gaseous form. When it comes to life on the moon, the oxygen available on the moon is in the form of layers of unconsolidated solid material that covers a planet’s core. Does the moon’s surface have enough oxygen to sustain eight billion humans for approximately a hundred thousand years? We don’t know.

What we could do is try and convert this oxygen into a usable form. However, there comes a catch with this idea. Generating oxygen from the layers of the moon would require a huge amount of energy and significant industrial equipment.

Mars: Habitable or Not?

Mars’ atmosphere consists of ninety-six percent of carbon dioxide. Scientists are running an experiment known as MOXIE which has been able to extract oxygen in small portions from the atmosphere of Mars by using an electrical current, and this process is known as electrolysis. As a result, through technical and scientific advancement, we can make the moon and Mars our next home by generating oxygen and making them habitable for human life.


When the Earth takes more energy from the sun than it can emit back to space, it will drive Earth’s surface temperature to rise to levels comparable to Venus. This will end up scorching the planet’s surface to the point of melting it, and eventually, all life on Earth will become extinct. However, science and technology have been all up and about to find out ways to make life on the moon possible. No matter how far-fetched the idea might be, there is also hope that we can make life on Mars possible.

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