Industry studies show that the average distribution center loses 3,000 hours in unproductive time per year. Imagine if you had a tool that could help reduce wasted time and improve employee performance by streamlining manual, error-prone processes.

Honeywell‘s new CK65 rugged mobile computer – successor to our popular CK3X – is designed to help your workers automate arduous, repetitive tasks so you can free up your limited labor for more business-critical tasks. It offers an industry-leading 28 hours of battery life, keeping workers operational for three shifts. With both keypad and touchscreen, the CK65 is ideal for warehouses that are transitioning from Windows® to Android and use both newer touch-based and older key-based legacy applications.

Plus, despite having the best drop rating in its class, the rugged CK65 is lightweight and balanced, making it comfortable and easy to carry for workers all shift long.

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