A Forklift accident in a warehouse can lead to a devastating blow to an organisation. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), forklift accidents have resulted in over 7,000 workplace accidents each year between 2011 and 2017.

Companies must take measures to reduce the risk of forklift accidents. Warehouse operations are already a significant part of a company’s logistics cost. The cost of injuries and product damage due to a forklift accident at the warehouse can significantly increase this expense.

In this blog post, you will learn about some tips to help reduce the chances of accidents due to forklift operations in the warehouse.

Experienced Forklift Operators

Government safety agencies in most countries require that forklift operators have experience in using vehicles. Individuals must be certified to operate a forklift. Verify that the employee has a valid certification for operating the vehicle.

To reduce the risk of accidents at the warehouse, only authorised operators should operate the forklift. Make the forklift operators carry an ID at all times. Moreover, install a system that requires employees to swipe a card or enter a pin code. It will ensure that only authorised individuals operate the vehicle.

Mandatory Safety Training

Safety training of forklift operators is also essential to avoid mishaps. A yearly refresher training course for employees will help reduce the risk of forklift accidents. The training program should be mandatory for both new and experienced employees.

Implement a structure training program, which should be mandatory for all employees that operate forklifts and those who work within the warehouse.

Keep the Warehouse Clean and Safe

Make sure that there are no obstructions in lanes that can lead to an accident. The lanes should be free of rubbish, product, and other obstacles. A clean and organised warehouse can also help reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace.

Low visibility can also prevent the forklift driver from safely operating the vehicle. Clear visibility for the driver is essential to avoid mishaps. Make sure that the warehouse is brightly lit. Replace faulty light bulbs immediately to prevent mishaps due to low visibility.

Implement Safety Mechanisms

Forklift accidents can also be prevented by implementing different safety mechanisms. Consider installing blue and red lights on the front and back of the forklift. It will alert employees in the warehouse about approaching vehicles.

Another safety measure is placing mirrors at the isle corners. The mirrors will guide the forklift operator when maneuvering the vehicle around corners. Moreover, the isles should be wide enough to allow safe operation of a forklift in the warehouse.

Forklift with speed alerts can also help prevent an accident. It can reduce the risk of the truck overturning and rolling over due to high speed. Speed alerts will warn the vehicle operator that the speed is above the maximum speed limit. Modern fleet management systems have features that alert the warehouse manager if the forklift operator is driving above the speed limit. 

Companies should take a proactive approach to prevent accidents at the warehouse. The tips mentioned in this blog post can help minimise the risks of a forklift accident at the workplace.

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