Discover how scientists are creating new methods of reduced temperatures using solar power adsorption cooling to reduce the energy consumption of buildings dramatically.

Sustainable energy production is a growing concern as energy consumption constantly increases. Any further increases in consumption without increasing primary energy production will have disastrous effects on the global environment. To limit these effects, alternative approaches to current practices must be developed to emphasize using sustainable energy sources. With the advent of technology, scientists have now developed a new method for solar-powered adsorption cooling (SAC).

What is Solar Powered Adsorption Cooling?

Solar powered adsorption cooling is the process of harnessing the sun’s radiant energy to cool buildings and homes. Solar air conditioners are designed to absorb heat from the air in a home or building, converting it into energy and then releasing that energy into the outside environment. This does not require a compressor or ozone-depleting refrigerants.

Solar cooling systems are becoming increasingly popular in commercial and residential properties as part of passive solar design. They are considered passive technology because they do not involve moving parts or other active features. Unlike traditional air conditioning that relies on electricity to cool indoor spaces, solar cooling draws its energy from the sun’s renewable source. The result is an environmentally friendly way to make your home more comfortable during hot summer months — without relying on electricity.

How Does the System Work?

  1. A large solar panel heats fluid that runs through it
  2. The heated fluid is passed through an evaporator to remove the heat from it
  3. The cooled fluid, which has now become liquid again, is returned to the panel to be heated again
  4. The relatively cool air from the Evaporator is used to cool liquid inside an absorption chiller by passing over it.
  5. The cooled liquid from the Absorption Chiller then flows around the house using chilled beams or under-floor pipes to cool it.
  6. Warm air from the house blows over the Evaporator and is cooled before being circulated.

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This development could be a game-changer for the low-energy cooling market, bringing us closer to air conditioning that is cheap, scalable, and environmentally friendly. Technology is still in its early days – but as science and technology progresses, these systems could become more efficient and cost-effective in the future. To get more updates regarding solar powered adsorption cooling systems, subscribe to our newsletter. 

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