Terminal Emulator

Transform your legacy system, Terminal Emulator ‘green screens’, into easy-to-use, graphical screens with no changes to the underlying application. StayLinked SmartTE delivers the speed and reliability of traditional Terminal Emulation with the intuitive, modern user experience of a web-based application.

For decades Terminal Emulators have been fast, reliable, and secure. More than 70% of data collection devices in warehouses run wireless Terminal Emulators to connect with mission-critical, server-based applications.

However, there are great productivity improvements to be had by implementing an easy-to-use, graphical data collection application that supports modern, touchscreen devices.

Best of Both Worlds

With StayLinked SmartTE you get the best of both worlds with No-Risk Application Modernization. StayLinked TE provides the speed, reliability, and security of a traditional Terminal Emulator while increasing productivity and usability with the addition of an intuitive, modern user experience.

As systems like Android or iOS are implemented across the industry landscape, there is a need to take full advantage of these mobile devices.  With SmartTE, existing “green screen” application can be transformed to look and act like native applications on these modern OS devices.

SmartTE is unsurpassed in reliability, virtually eliminating dropped sessions between host applications and mobile devices. No matter the problem, the Terminal Emulation session will never be lost, and can even be transferred to another device or even shared across multiple devices. StayLinked can even maintain your session over cellular networks when coverage is temporarily lost. This quality is ensured because SmartTE is built upon StayLinked TE, the most advanced Terminal Emulation architecture in the industry. The benefits of SmartTE include,

  • Speed, reliability, and security of a traditional Terminal Emulator
  • Increased productivity and usability
  • Can be made to perform like Android or iOS native applications
  • Virtually eliminates session drops common to web based applications

Customisation and Personalisation

SmartTE can automatically transform your Terminal Emulation screens into touchscreen-friendly screens. New user interfaces, automatically generated, require no changes to the original application. If you would like to create custom screens, SmartTE features a drag-and-drop screen designer. Include features such as,

  • Unique branding
  • Product images
  • Custom colouring
  • Custom sizing

With the Dynamic Screen Generation option, there are no changes to the original application and no programming skills are required.

SmartTE features are offered as a free upgrade to existing StayLinked customers with an active maintenance and support contract.

About Gamma Solutions.

Gamma Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company, based in Melbourne, with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Founded in 1992, the company provides all the components of mobile computing, RFID and data collection systems such as portable terminals, barcode scanners, barcode printers and wireless networks; as well as professional services including systems analysis, design and implementation, middleware software and training.

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