Sadao Nomura, an internal quality consultant, came up with 8 steps to achieve radical quality improvement for Toyota. With this idea, he changed the course of quality improvement and involved managers and associates in an easy-to-follow procedure. Here, we take a look at the 8 steps he helped create:

Step #1: Actual Defect Check

The first step involves a team leader (TL) performing an actual check of defective parts to identify the cause and the main source of the defect.

Step #2: Comprehensive Stock Check and Sorting

The second step quickly follows the first, in which the TL checks all the other parts for the same defect to ensure that the problem isn’t spread across the stock.

Step #3: Investigation

The third step is an investigation through a genchi genbutsu check to identify where the issue actually began. This step is also performed the same day and involves interviews with workers involved in the process.

Step #4: Countermeasure Implementation

Also performed the same day, countermeasures are implemented by the TL against the causes of the defect and its outflow. They are thoroughly recorded to be presented to the meeting board the next day.

Step #5: Asaichi Report

The next day, the TL presents at the board meeting that includes all the workers, explaining the cause of defects and the measures taken to mitigate it in simple terms. The TL provides written instructions and guidelines for follow-up activities.

Step #6: Standardisation and Horizontal Deployment

The TL conducts this step the next day to establish work procedures that address the following questions:

  • Does a work standard exist?
  • If yes, do people understand it? If not, the TL revises it immediately.
  • If it doesn’t exist, a standard is created immediately in a manner that is simple to understand by all.

The TL identifies similar processes to be standardised horizontally across the company.

Step#7: Education and Training

The next day, TL conducts training to teach workers the standards, so they can be implemented correctly.

Step #8: Daily Management

This step involves the daily monitoring of the standards by the TL.

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