Honeywell’s CT45 and CT45XP mobile computers are rugged, all-purpose productivity tools enabling mobile workers to execute tasks and access business-critical data. These handheld devices are used by workers throughout the retail supply chain including logistics, warehousing, in-store retail and last-mile delivery.

Honeywell CT45 mobile computer

The CT45 product family offers an integrated, repeatable, and scalable approach based on a common hardware and software Mobility Edge™ platform – achieving enterprise stability and security via incorporating a powerful Qualcomm processor. It offers a future-proof guarantee of continuous Android version support through Android 13, with a commitment of support through Android 14 and 15 if feasible. With the Honeywell Android Service, this ensures software patch support through 2032.

The CT45 XP features a Wi-Fi 6 capability, allowing for faster, more reliable connections for multiple devices in crowded distribution centers, warehouses and retail stores. Delivery workers can now efficiently access the network outside of the 4 walls using 4G-LTE advanced technology, keeping mobile frontline workers always connected to crucial information to place orders, check stock, look up order status, or scan items anywhere and anytime.

Operation downtime results in revenue loss. The CT45 product family enables mobile workers to work while on the road, in the rain, or in a dusty warehouse. Designed to withstand challenging environments with no adverse damage or compromise to device integrity or sacrifice to ergonomic benefits. Built on a sleek design with enhancement on superior ruggedness, the CT45 product family delivers a compact device that mobile workers can carry comfortably throughout the shift and which can endure accidental drops and falls.


About Gamma Solutions.

Gamma Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company, based in Melbourne, with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Founded in 1992, the company provides all the components of mobile computing, RFID and data collection systems such as portable terminals, barcode scanners, barcode printers and wireless networks; as well as professional services including systems analysis, design and implementation, middleware software and training.

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