Using Technology to Help Visually Impaired Workers

Although visually impaired persons have as much right as everyone else to career opportunities, finding employment can be a major challenge for them,

It is up to companies to find ways to resolve this situation and facilitate visually impaired workers in every way possible. One company did just that recently and is reaping rich rewards.

North Central Sight Services provides employment opportunities for the visually impaired. NCSS upgraded the technology in its warehouses to facilitate 29 visually impaired personnel that includes the CEO. The technology will help workers to sort and process office supplies and other equipment for AbilityOne.


Zebra Technologies collaborated with its partner CSSI to provide the necessary technology. The two organizations integrated Zebra’s MC3300 mobile computers with CSSI’s WMS solutions. To assistvisually impaired workers, the customized solution also included features like voice-directed picking, color coding and large characters.


Once implemented, the customized solution helped NCSS to improve their productivity, streamline operations, eliminate errors and automate their process. There are no almost no returns, as a consequence. Visually impaired workers at NCSS now have the necessary support to substantially enhance logistics workflow, thanks to collaboration between Zebra and CSSI.


About 80 percent of the MC3300 mobile computer functions are standardized in the WMS. The remainder is customized for customers, as per their specifications.

As part of its custom-built solution for visually impaired NCSS workers, the color-coded text on the mobile computers is enlarged to make it easier to read. ‘Success’ and ‘error’ messages show in green or red fonts, respectively. It also features audible notifications.

The technology is helping the NCSS to improve its business processes and to upgrade its technology for the future.

Android Upgrade

Zebra conducted a study where more than 80 percent of the participants said that they are planning to upgrade to Android OS or are currently using it. There will no longer be any technical support for Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 and Windows CE7 by 2020 and 2021, respectively. Since users will no longer have access to security upgrades and error patches, they should transition to the modern Android OS.

NCSS has made this transition since the technological upgrade that it has implemented is Android based.

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