Will Diet Alone Help You Lose Weight?

Losing weight takes time – no questions asked. You need perseverance and patience to succeed at it. Often, people choose the most common method to shed some pounds i.e. go on an extreme diet . But, does it really pay off? How does your body react to such a shift in dietary patterns? 

A Risky Endeavor

Although applying the same weight loss approach to everyone is typically discouraged due to each person’s unique medical history, genetics, and other details, many nutritional experts agree that eating less food for a long period does not help the body meet a specific weight loss target.

Starving yourself won’t make you lose weight. In fact, it will cause you to lose your patience and energy. After some time, you will give in and indulge in binge-eating. This loss of control can suspend fat loss in your body and you will eventually need to cut down on your food intake to reach the previous state. Hence, your caloric intake will drop even further.

Over time, a number of warning signs will appear. Initially, you may experience fatigue, mood swings, irritability, and of course – hunger – that will affect your daily routines.

If you continue to eat less, such a diet can cause skin breakouts and even make it harder for your immune system to fight infections. Considering the current pandemic scenario, eating less is certainly not the most ideal strategy for weight loss.

Eat Smart

Several weight loss studies indicate an important fact: the secret to weight loss isn’t in eating less, rather it relies more on eating smart and complementing your diet with regular exercise. Eating smart means adopting a more balanced diet, which includes veggies, fruits, whole grain carbs, and lean proteins. Eating less alone isn’t the most effective method to lose weight.

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