Woolworths Group has begun building its first automated fulfilment centre to enhance and add value to the services for customers in Western Sydney. Woolworths’ Online Automated Fulfilment Centre, which will open in 2024 and feature Knapp’s automation technologies, is being built by Vaughan Constructions. With the first-ever online automated fulfilment centre, it is anticipated that hundreds of personal shoppers will be able to pick and deliver up to fifty thousand home deliveries per week throughout Western Sydney.

How Would the Online Fulfilment Centre Benefit Customers?

The Woolworths Group has developed Western Sydney’s first automated customer fulfilment centre, demonstrating the growing demand for automation in large Australian distribution operations.

Their same-day delivery capability in Western Sydney will increase significantly as a result of this online automated fulfilment centre expansion, providing their customers with faster and more flexible online purchase alternatives. They will also provide pick-up bays with direct to boot service for nearby consumers who want to pick up online orders personally.

Micro-Fulfilment Technology

By placing small, highly automated storage facilities close to the end customer, micro-fulfilment centres reduce the cost and time it takes to deliver things.

Online order processing software and physical infrastructure are the two major components of micro-fulfilment centres. There are also robots that collect products from storage facilities and bring them to the packing department.

Woolworths Group’s stores remain a critical part of the eCommerce network, with continuous investments in Direct to Boot, in-store fulfilment, and on-demand delivery. More than 80% of internet orders come in through stores. Woolworths’ recent investments in micro-fulfilment technology at its stores in Victoria, Carrum Downs, Queensland, and Maroochydore are expanding with the inauguration of an online automated fulfilment centre.

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