The leader in mobile data capture technologies and solutions, today, Zebra announced its plans to acquire Matrox Imaging Technologies, a leading provider of manufacturing vision systems. When many businesses are struggling to find ways to improve productivity, this merger of the two companies at the forefront of technological innovation will bring an even more comprehensive range of innovative and forward-looking products and solutions to industries that seek to enhance and optimize their manufacturing process. This acquisition delivers on our Digital Transformation Strategy and represents the latest of many recent moves by Zebra’s visionary new management.

Matrox Imaging by Zebra Technologies

Matrox is focused on imaging solutions for vision-based automation across vertical markets such as security, logistics, and retail. Machine vision products, software, and services from Matrox Imaging will help Zebra customers thrive in an on-demand economy constrained by workforce shortages and a rapidly evolving competitive landscape.

With the help of Zebra Technologies’ global reach and Matrox Imaging’s technical expertise, Matrox Imaging can expedite its long-term planning process. Customers will benefit from having a single point of contact for all aspects of automation—from collecting and analyzing data to decision-making to installing physical automation solutions that will speed up production. Automotive, pharmaceutical, electronic, and food & beverage industry executives are the most likely to benefit from this exciting new combination of technologies and business models.

Our Partnership Vision

This acquisition is a signal of Zebra Technologies’ commitment to the industrial machine vision market. Zebra Technologies realizes that machine vision is an integral part of today’s industry. Companies aspiring to solve real-world problems will likely need to expand their solutions beyond barcode identification. We hope that this acquisition heralds the beginnings of a strong partnership with Matrox Imaging.

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