Zebra® ZT400™ Series Printers Features

ZT400 Series Printers Features

Keep your critical operations running efficiently with Zebra’s durable ZT400 Series printers, designed for years of performance in a wide array of applications. The ZT400 Series builds on the field-proven reliability of the Z Series™ with advancements in print speed, print quality and connectivity options. Designed for ease of use, the ZT400 Series printers offer an intuitive iconbased LCD graphical user interface and easy supplies loading. And, they include standard USB, Serial, Ethernet and Bluetooth® capabilities. Expanded RFID capacities deliver greater tracking abilities, deeper visibility and enterprise insights.
The ZT400 Series is offered in both 4″ and 6″ models and comes standard with an extensive set of advanced features that ensure your printer investment will always meet your needs, now and in the future. Constructed using an all metal frame and bi-fold door, this printer is designed to fit well in space-constrained environments. Featuring Zebra’s Link-OS® environment — an innovative operating system combining a powerful Multiplatform Software Development Kit (SDK) and software applications — ZT400 Series printers are easy to integrate, manage and maintain from any location around the globe.

Ideal for These Applications
• Manufacturing
– Work-in-process
– Product ID/ serial numbers
– Packaging labels
– Receiving/ put-away labeling
• Transportation & Logistics
– Order picking/ packing
– Shipping/ receiving
– Cross-docking
– Compliance labeling
• Retail
– Distribution centers
– Back-of-store operations
• Healthcare
– Laboratory labels
– Blood-bank labels
– Asset tracking
– Pharmacy labelling

Application Flexibility
• Expand your printing readiness through an exceptional range of media capabilities and media delivery options.
• Customize your printer to match your current and future business needs with end-user-installable media handling options.
• Standard Serial, USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth features — as well as two open media slots — allow you to utilize non-standard connectivity options.
• Expanded RFID capabilities are easy to install and simple to use.
• Ensure quality output for small-label applications with high-resolution printing capabilities.
Effortless to Integrate
• USB host port enables simple printer configuration by easily transferring data from a USB flash drive via mirroring and expanded mapped-drive memory capabilities.
• Virtual Devices apps enable Link-OS enabled printers to support well-known legacy and competitor printer languages — in addition to ZPL® and EPL™ — for a future-proofed investment.
Easy to Operate
• Dynamic QR codes provide on-demand, web-based support to resolve printer errors quickly.
• Print Touch-enabled Link-OS enabled printers offer web page launching features using Near Field Communication (NFC), making it easy to access Zebra’s extensive knowledge base of how-to videos and product support.
• Lighted media and ribbon paths make it easy to see inside the printer, even in poorly lit environments.
Simple to Manage
• Zebra’s Link-OS environment delivers enhanced capabilities to monitor, manage and maintain your printer from any location.
• Cloud Connect allows Link-OS enabled printers to securely and directly interact with the Cloud for printing and device management.
• Profile Manager enables you to edit and manage one printer, batches of printers or all Link-OS enabled printers across your network anywhere in the world.
ZebraCare™ Services
Increase printer uptime and reduce lost productivity and unbudgeted repair costs by selecting a ZebraCare service agreement. A cost-effective means of planning and budgeting for your annual maintenance expenditures, your agreement ensures that trained Zebra technicians will bring your printer back to factory specifications. Zebra offers a variety of plans to fit your budget and business needs.
Genuine Zebra™ Supplies
As one of the largest thermal supplies manufacturers in North America, Zebra provides convenient shipping throughout the region via our four manufacturing locations. Zebra provides high-quality supplies solutions for virtually any application:
• The largest selection of pre-tested, labels, tags and ribbons for your ZT400 printer.
• Ability to create custom labels in any size with pre-printed text, graphics and logos.
• Supplies extensively tested to ensure print quality, chemical resistance and adhesive strength.
• ISO 9001: 2008 certified

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