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Healthcare is a hot topic and continues to be a major concern for many. With an ageing population it is critical that healthcare providers find ways to improve their efficiency to allow more time to spend with the patients. Gamma Solutions have the answer – rugged mobile computers, printers and RFID technology able to collect and track patient information, thereby reducing human error, improving productivity and reducing costs – just to name a few!

Mobile computer technology can be utilised across all areas of a hospital or clinic; from patient tracking, administration and point of care through to the laboratory and pharmacy. By using new and updated technology healthcare providers can ensure that patients receive the highest level of care, from patient identification through to medication doses and timing.

Previously a nurse would have to check the system located at the central nurses station, hand write the orders, compare the handwritten information to what is on the patients chart, check the wristband of the patient to verify his/her identity, manually update notes onto the patients chart and return to the nurses’ station to update the system.

Latest technology alleviates such manual time consuming tasks, with the nurses able to scan the patient’s wristband, medical chart and medication, and confirming all details are correct on the system. The nurse moves straight into administering the medication, confident that the system has been updated in real time, the patient has been correctly cared for and all manual entry has been eliminated. The nurse is then ready to look after their next patient in a fraction of the time. The mobile computers also come equipped with voice communications so in the event of an emergency they can be contacted immediately without the need for additional devices.

Mobile technology can also be utilised in sample identification. The laboratory can use this technology to eliminate manual entry, track and trace where a sample is located, what tests have been performed as well as the tests in progress and the results. Tracking and stocktaking of medication requires an extremely high level of accuracy. The majority of pharmaceuticals are controlled substances with serious side effects if given to the wrong person or administered in the wrong dosage. Pharmacies must ensure the correct level of stock is available and monitor expiration dates to ensure medication is in date. Mobile computers track the locations of the medication, monitor stock levels for restocking when the levels drop below a minimum, and have measures put in place if the dosage is outside normal limits.

Another benefit of mobile computer technology is the ability to save time and costs with asset tracking. For items such as portable emergency equipment and IV pumps, knowing where each asset is at any given time is crucial for both the staff and their patient. Asset information is stored within the database and available in real time – where is it, how many are available, where was it last used, as well as its maintenance and calibration history, ensuring it is in correct working order.

All of these functions occur without compromising a patient’s confidentially by using the latest in security systems and firewalls provided on wireless networks.

Products offered by Gamma Solutions can be used for:

  • Checking patients in and out
  • Medication recording
  • Vitals recording
  • Labelling samples, wrist bands, charts etc
  • Patient’s diet and food requirements
  • Receiving goods
  • Repacking/relabeling
  • Sample tracking
  • Ordering tests
  • Results recordings
  • Putting away and picking stock
  • Prescription fulfilments
  • Transfers and pickups
  • Ordering/replenishing
  • Asset tracking
  • Maintenance records
  • Calibration of equipment

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