EPCglobal is the global standard for the Radio Frequency Identication (RFID) Technology in today’s fast moving, information rich trading networks.

GS1 Australia holds the exclusive rights to assign unique Electronic Product Code (EPC) standards and specications.


Worldwide, EPCglobal works with it’s community subscribers, to standardise all aspects of the EPCglobal Network, including:

  • Electronic Product CodeTM (EPC
  • ID System (EPC tags, readers and Interface protocols)
  • EPC Middleware
  • Discovery Services
  • EPC Information Services (EPCIS)
  • EPCglobal Network Reference Architecture

EPC’global’s goal is to provide complete and workable technical specications and standards that can be used by a broad range of industries to optimise the eciency of their supply chain operations.

EPCglobal Community Subscribers

EPCglobal classies subscribers in various categories. Two key categories are:

End Users

Include manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, carriers and government. In general terms, End Users are the organisations that have objects in motion in the supply chain.

Solution Partners

Solution Partners are the organisations that help the End Users move goods throughout their supply chain. They include hardware products and software suppliers, solution consultants, systems and strategy integrators, training providors.

Secure In Your RFID Investment through the Solution Partners

GS1 Australia provides essential business and technical training through the EPCglobal Accreditation and Certication Program for EPCglobal Australian Solution Partners.

Consistent with the GS1 Australia Alliance Partner Program, the goal of this program is to establish EPC compliant Information Communications and Technology suppliers to support the growing EPCglobal end user community in their implementation of RFID technology.

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