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Gamma Solutions now selling the Datalogic PowerScan PM9500

Datalogic PowerScan PM9500

Melbourne June 2nd, 2014 – Gamma Solutions today announced it has added the latest
Datalogic PowerScan to the extensive range of barcode readers already on offer.

The Datalogic PowerScan PM9500 area imager is a ruggedised cordless reader suitable
for all demanding applications. It is equipped with a new generation of the Datalogic
STAR Cordless System™ - the proprietary radio from Datalogic - which further improves
the outstanding features of versatility, ease-of-use and radio range.

The PM9500 series offers a model with an optional display and 4 configurable keys to
increase the interactivity between the host and the user allowing a two-way exchange of
information for more reliable and effective communications.

“The long lasting battery life guarantees more than one shift of intensive scanning, a
great benefit to our customers who can not afford any downtime during their busy
operations” say Nicholas Alexiou, Senior Business Development Manager at Gamma

Handle shape, well-balanced weight and an intuitive aiming system allows high first-pass
reading rates while reducing unnatural wrist movements for improved ergonomics and
user comfort. The PowerScan PM9500 area imagers use a soft-pulsed white illumination
light that is very gentle on the eyes and less troublesome to the operator during scanintensive

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