Melbourne August 22nd 2011 – Gamma Solutions today announced that they will be selling the Psion Omnii XT10 a mobile computer designed specifically for the ultra- rugged demands of the supply chain logistic environment. The Psion Omnii XT10 is tough, intelligent and easy to use.

The Psion Omnii XT10 can save organisations up to 30% on hardware costs over the lifetime of the product by being able to reconfigure the unit based on the changing needs of the business versus the cost of having to replace hardware. With the most powerful battery in its class the Psion Omnii XT10 Handheld Computer is paired with Psion Battery Grading and Management Tools to monitor battery health.

The Omnii XT10 is available with 5 different choices in scan engine ranging from 15cm to 15m and scans both 1D and 2D barcodes. Omnii XT10 integrated scanners feature improved performance in reading poorly printed and damaged barcodes, decoding speed and range.

The Psion Omnii XT10 also comes with a number of other features including:

  • Windows CE 6.0 operating system
  • Bluetooth, 802.11b/g radio
  • Voice and audio feedback
  • 3.7” Display
  • 3 Mega Pixel colour camera with 4 x digital zoom, dual LED flash and video capable
  • Operates between -20°C to +50°C
  • IP65 rating
  • 5ft drop spec

“With all of these features as well as the ability for organisations to customise their units to meet their specific needs we are confident that we will be able to find the right Omnii XT10 to fit any company” says Gamma Solutions Sales Executive Graham Denny.

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About Gamma Solutions.

Gamma Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company, based in Melbourne, with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Founded in 1992, the company provides all the components of mobile computing, RFID and data collection systems such as portable terminals, barcode scanners, barcode printers and wireless networks; as well as professional services including systems analysis, design and implementation, middleware software and training.

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