Melbourne April 2nd 2012 – Gamma Solutions, an industry leader in advanced data capture technology today announced that it would be adding the Intermec SG20 General Duty Imager to its extensive range of scanners.

Designed with the retail and healthcare industries in mind the Intermec SG20 can be used wherever fast, reliable scanning is required for data entry. The SG20 features the industry’s fastest barcode reading technology, providing more than 50 times the motion tolerance of typical scanners as well as allowing barcodes to be scanned from any orientation.

With the large multi-colour LED indicator, it is simple to register whether a scan has been successful; a great benefit to operators in noisy environments helping to reduce the amount of costly errors. Available as either a Bluetooth or a corded scanner, the Intermec SG20 can be manoeuvred in tight spaces – avoiding the need to reposition large or awkward items to ensure a successful scan.

“The Intermec SG20 is optimised for user comfort making it the perfect choice for both the retail and healthcare industries” says Stephen Lakey, Sales Executive at Gamma Solutions. “It will increase productivity and reliability in healthcare with employees being able to utilise the technology in a wide range of areas such as the nurses’ station, the patients’ bedside, the admission desk and the pharmacy, just to name a few”

The SG20 is able to be easily integrated with point of sale systems, personal computers as well as common software solutions such as warehouse management systems. The scanner can also be customised via a PC to adjust security settings, beeper tone and volume, and LED colours to suit customer’s needs.

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