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AirFortress Features

Product Overview
The AirFortress™ product family provides the most robust, scalable and easy-to-manage line of security gateway solutions for ensuring privacy of wireless networks and mission-critical enterprise applications. These FIPS certified security products provide user privacy, access control, device and user authentication as well as data link layer integrity to guard against denial-of-service attacks.
One Layer Makes All The Difference
Other wireless security products operate at the Network Layer (Layer 3) or higher. The higher the layer used to implement encryption, the more information that is broadcast freely over the airways and exposed to external attack. By building a security infrastructure that encrypts at Layer 2, AirFortress eliminates the opportunity for hackers to intercept important network data, view internal network addresses, or interrupt availability through denial-of-service attacks.
Leveraging Fortress Technologies' years of experience in developing secure network solutions for the US Government and other sensitive application environments, the AirFortress solution offers both device and user authentication and robust encryption methods, strong enough for the most demanding mission critical environments.

Principal components of the AirFortress solution include:

AirFortress Gateway (AF2100 and AF7500)
A truly scalable plug-and-play solution for securing enterprise-wide deployment of wireless LANs. Fortress has models suited for centralized wireless LAN deployments or distributed networks with pockets of WLAN users at remote locations.
AirFortress Clients 
A client-side utility that provides the industry's most secure wireless connection for laptops, PDAs or industrial equipment such as barcode scanners and portable terminals.
Access Control Server - an authentication and user management backend that can be used in place of or in conjunction with existing authentication services (for example, RADIUS).

AirFortress Specifications

AirFortress Wireless Security Gateways

– The AirFortress wireless security gateways offer a greater range of options for easily integrating secure wireless and mobility for existing enterprise infrastructure. By providing a fast and simple means of securing any vendor’s wireless network and wireless devices, customers can protect current and future network investments without worrying about forklift upgrades of their APs or needing to add proprietary wireless switches to their network.

Gateway Specifications

Gateways are available in models suited for large-scale wireless LAN deployments or smaller distributed networks with isolated pockets of wireless LAN users.

AirFortress Secure Client

Secures communication between a device and the network, as well as peer-to-peer

• Lightweight software client module for laptops, PDAs, tablet PCs, thin client devices and industrial equipment such as barcode scanners and portable terminals

• Protects device from ad-hoc, peer-to-peer intrusion

AirFortress Access Control Server

Security-centric management and policy control platform

• Highly scalable control platform offering centralized management for wireless LANs

• Policy manager integrates with RADIUS, LDAP, NT Domains, RSA Secure ID and ActivCard

• Device authentication capability allows specific devices to be granted or denied access


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