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Aruba AirWave Master Console.

Aruba AirWave Master Console

Aruba AirWave Master Console Features

AirWave Master Console provides IT with a single console for managing the entire wireless network, no matter the size.

For networks that encompass tens of thousands of wireless access points, controllers, supporting infrastructure, and wired ports, AirWave Master Console™ aggregates information from any number of AirWave Management Platform™ servers. It presents a single, real-time view of critical information across the network and provides centralized control with optimal performance and scalability.

AirWave™ includes economical failover solutions for mission-critical networks with a single AirWave Management Platform server or large networks supported by multiple AirWave Management Platform servers distributed across the enterprise. AirWave failover servers can maintain communication with one or more servers running AirWave software, and assume management responsibility for the appropriate devices whenever one of the servers is down.

What’s Unique About Master Console?

  • Centralized network-wide reporting provides consolidated data for intelligent decision-making
  • Centralized alerting makes more efficient use of staff members’ time
  • Centralized configuration management lets you define standard group policies while allowing for local variations required to meet business and compliance requirements
  • Smartphone-viewable portal that delivers access to mobile web-enabled devices
  • Many-to-one failover model saves on initial and ongoing expenses

Aruba AirWave Master Console Specifications


• Runs all reports available from a standalone AirWave server with a network-wide view

• Allows for report customization, scheduling, and export of data into XHTML and CSV formats


• Performs powerful free-form searches that will find any user, AP, device, server, or other component under management

• If an employee traveling overseas is having connectivity problems, the local service desk can find that employee instantly


• Lets you define standard group policies for configuration and security settings that are then pushed out system-wide

• Allows for local variations required to meet business and compliance requirements


• Presents alerts from all AirWave servers in a single view

• Lets staff acknowledge, investigate and delete in one place the events for which they are responsible


• Includes a smartphone-viewable portal that delivers access to mobile web-enabled devices

• Provides metrics on uptime, network usage, user load, and other read-only monitoring information

• Can populate intranet applications to generate custom­ized views for executives, customers or the general user population


• Executes scheduled configuration changes and soft­ware updates using local time at each site, rather than simultaneously on a system-wide basis

• Minimizes business disruption while maximizing the benefits of automated configuration


Getting Started

User’s Guides and Manuals