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Avalanche Printer Management.

Avalanche Printer Management

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Avalanche Printer Management Features

Extend the leading management solution to printers

Avalanche Printer Management gives administrators new insight and control over Bluetooth™ printers. Through Printer Management, administrators have the ability to identify the pairings of mobile terminals to printers, enabling personnel to more accurately and easily identify a printer uniquely. For example, administrators can monitor printer utilization allowing better insight to plan for maintenance and thereby minimizing down time. Control and assess printer inventory by getting accurate asset information such as the firmware Revision, battery levels, installed flash / RAM together with odometer readings.

With Printer Management, organizations can reduce confusion over printer identification and create usage reports that determine which printers are used most frequently. Understanding which printers are used most, coupled with Printer Management’s ability to identify which printers are nearing the end of their head life expectancy, gives administrators a new facility to set scheduled maintenance in advance of any problems. Wavelink Printer Management ensures that organizations aren’t affected by unforeseen printer downtime.

Avalanche Printer Management Specifications

Know what’s installed

You can plan for maintenance instead of running the risk of printer failure. Quickly find a printer by identifying which mobile terminal a printer is paired with.

Know what’s being used and where

Administrators will know exactly where consumables are being used the most and get an exact measure of print head usage and life expectancy. With Avalanche Printer Management, departments also develop a new way to audit.

Reporting Capabilities

With a template-based report engine that gives users the power to schedule reports at set times that report on key information, users are able to gather critical data such as Consumables usage, Printer Utilization, Battery levels and Memory statistics. Additional analysis may be performed by exporting to a Microsoft Excel® compatible format. In addition, reports may be displayed in a browser.


Integrated with the Web user interface (UI) of Avalanche, and using the secure authentication protocols found within Avalanche, users care able to access the Printer Management UI anywhere safely. Once they have access, using the Printer Management interface, administrators can control print jobs and command synchronization. Administrators are also able to pull together information that lists all the current printers and their properties together.


Getting Started

User’s Guides and Manuals