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Avalanche Remote Control.

Avalanche Remote Control

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Avalanche Remote Control Features

Comprehensive Remote Help Desk Solution

Avalanche Remote Control is a mobile help desk solution that provides administrators with an exact replica of what end-user’s are experiencing. Remote Control allows administrators to support device users in the field remotely, without actually having to be in the field with the physical device. This lets administrators provide assisted guidance for an end-user, thereby reducing mobile device downtime and increasing end-user productivity.

When mobile devices are down or not operating optimally, organizations lose operational efficiency and productivity, which increases business costs. On average, thirty to forty percent of devices sent in for repair are categorized as “no fault found”. These devices have experienced conditions such as low battery levels or incorrect device configuration. By using Remote Control, you will less frequently ship your mobile devices for repair, as well as reduce application downtime by resolving problems directly on the device when and where they happen.

With Avalanche Remote Control you can resolve “pilot-error” issues in real-time by guiding an end-user through an application or process and take control of a device that may be in suspend mode over a wide-area network. Remote Control reduces the burden for common end-user issues by prerecording the keystrokes and stylus movements needed to resolve a problem, and automatically plays them back to a target device later. It also provides support to multiple end-users simultaneously through the intuitive multi-windowed environment. Administrators are able to remedy “one off” issues by adjusting key settings in the registry and even add, remove or update specific files in any part of the target device file system.

With the ability to operate Remote Control over many connectivity options, including both local and wide-area wireless networks, Remote Control is a true mobile help desk giving administrators a breadth of tools to utilize while end-users stay in the field.

Avalanche Remote Control Specifications

See exactly what an end-user sees:

Avalanche Remote Control allows administrators to view an exact replica of the mobile device regardless of the screen resolution. It supports multiple resolutions such as, PocketPC (240×320), Windows® CE VGA (640×480) and Windows® CE Half VGA (640×240)

Flexible scripting options

Remote Control reduces the burden for common end-user issues by prerecording the keystrokes and stylus movements needed to resolve a problem, and automatically plays them back to a target device later.

Fast real-time device display

Remote Control has customizable refresh rates to 18 frames per second and provides efficient use of the network. Real-time image capture compression and optional 16 color mode provide further display features.

Intuitive file explorer

Remote Controls intuitive file explorer lets administrators browse the file system hierarchy and open, add, delete and rename files and folders. It also has a drag and drop interface

Remote restarts

With Remote Control, devices can be remotely restarted or suspended. It also comes with built-in support for device Soft Reset. Comprehensive control of device processes

Using the Avalanche console, administrators have a comprehensive view of the entire enterprise. This allows administrators to see what is running and what the user can see as well as activate or stop any remote process.


Administrators can view the access log straight from the Avalanche console. Administrators can also make changes to the registry, start/stop processes, and add, delete or copy files. Customized graphical representation of specific devices is included for Dell, Fujitsu, HHP, Intermec, PSC and Motorola/Symbol.

Fully functional device skins

Avalanche Remote Control gives administrators an exact replica of an end-users device. Online accessible device skins are completely functional, meaning that the device keypad buttons displayed on the administrators screen work as they would if the device was physically being held. The keymap editor utility allows for creation of fully functional skins and editing of existing skin keymaps as desired.

Wavelink Avalanche® integration

Remote Control is completely integrated with Wavelink Avalanche and can launch various features directly from the Avalanche console, such as the registry viewer/editor, file manager and process manager.

Provides integrated dashboard of key device parameters

Avalanche Remote Control gives administrators a comprehensive view into mobile inventory. Administrators can monitor device conditions such as memory state, battery status, OS versions, etc.

Network Optimization

Remote Control makes efficient use of the medium with its built-in compression engine. This can be especially important when running over Wireless LAN (WLAN) or Wireless WAN (WWAN). In cases where the administrator has physical access to the device, support is also provided for infrared, ActiveSync and serial-based methods. Configure timeouts for individual aspects of the system to deal with slow or high latency WAN links such as VSAT.

Broad platform support

Unlike many solutions, Avalanche Remote Control operates over a broad range of devices and manufacturers. Common support is provided for many platforms, including Windows Mobile® 5.0 and 6.x.


Getting Started