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Avalanche SecurePlus

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Avalanche SecurePlus Features

Total security across your network

In today’s world, you cannot afford to have critical data compromised. In 2009, the estimated cost of a data breach was near 6.75 million dollars. The wireless ecosystem is constantly facing threats and more and more, companies are required to meet stringent guidelines to ensure data across the ecosystem remains safe. When organizations deploy Wavelink Avalanche SecurePlus and Certificate Manager, they can rest assured that they have the most comprehensive security solution available to combat these threats and meet regulatory requirements, such as PCI and Sarbanes Oxley.

Wavelink Avalanche SecurePlus provides advanced user authentication and security on Windows CE® and Windows Mobile® devices. With SecurePlus, administrators can restrict access to devices, their applications and data. Combined with client-side intelligence, Avalanche SecurePlus guards against the compromise of sensitive data when a device is lost or stolen. All of this from a solution that offers easy-to-use administrative features and a fully configurable device-side user interface that streamlines your training time, and increases productivity.

Organizations can gain further layers of security by combining Avalanche SecurePlus and Avalanche Certificate Manager. Wavelink Avalanche Certificate Manager is a plug-in to Avalanche SecurePlus that manages digital certificates and allows organizations to retrieve network connectivity profiles. This grants each individual user with an account on the device to connect to the wireless LAN using a user-specific certificate.

Avalanche SecurePlus Specifications

Secure authentication with optional extensions for EAP-TLS and 802.1X

Secure your device after powering it on or off and after periods of inactivity. Wavelink Avalanche SecurePlus provides a secure authenticated login to an existing Active Directory infrastructure and extends to inhibit out-of-band device compromises, such as those through Active Sync.

Incorporating Certificate Manager affords you the opportunity to retrieve network connectivity profiles, which allows each individual account users on the device to authenticate into the wireless LAN using a certificate that is user specific. Avalanche SecurePlus is able to authenticate separately to the wireless LAN when there are no logged-in users to a device, allowing remote administration to a device even when it is not in use. Another unique feature allows administrators the ability to generate a secure unlock code for a specific mobile device should a user forget their username and/or password.

Simple to deploy

As a comprehensive management solution for the wireless enterprise, users can configure, stage and deploy Avalanche SecurePlus centrally through Wavelink Avalanche . By activating the Avalanche Certificate Manager license, the end-user can deploy certificates and users to a device simply through an easy, systematic process that relieves the need for device-specific knowledge.

Multiple lock-down options to protect against a lost or stolen mobile device

Sometimes a mobile device can be misplaced or lost, compromising mobile data and/or the network before an administrator can act to remove access to valuable company data and applications. Avalanche SecurePlus helps administrators protect an organization’s critical applications and data by providing a flexible model for defining when a mobile device should lock down. Administrators can define when a mobile device is operating in a “secure” state by defining a network signature, which combines aspects of a network that must be present to operate securely. If the signature fails after a predefined period, the device locks and critical data is encrypted or deleted. Avalanche SecurePlus can also guard against unauthorized time changes.

Fully configurable device-side user-interface provides customized messaging and presentation options

The device-side user-interface is completely configurable by the administrator. The administrator can easily customize a splash screen, images and even send specific messages to end-users.

Wavelink Avalanche reporting enhancements

Avalanche SecurePlus is able to report a collection of new properties back into the Avalanche system. Use this information to generate dynamic lists of devices meeting new criteria. Your administrators can now identify who are using which devices, which wireless LANs are in use, and any anomalies such as any device that are actively being compromised through excessive login attempts.


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