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Avalanche Smartphone Management.

Avalanche Smartphone Management

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Avalanche Smartphone Management Features

Extend industry leading mobile device management to smartphones and tablets

As more and more smartphones and tablet PCs are added to the wireless environment, companies are tasked with finding ways to manage this ever-growing list of mobile assets, and ensure they pose no threat to the enterprise. Now, companies can leverage the power and flexibility of Wavelink Avalanche and extend management to iOS and Android devices. Avalanche also ensures your mobile device management solution is up to the task of not only managing today's smartphones and tablets, but also keeping them secure.

Wavelink Avalanche is the industry's leading mobile device and wireless infrastructure management system supporting all major vendors covering areas such as security, software and firmware distribution, health monitoring, alerting and auditing. Avalanche was built with extensibility in mind since its inception and this advantage is now harnessed to support devices from Apple®, HTC®, Samsung®, Sony®, LG® and many others.

With Avalanche, administrators are able to track devices and receive key information about the devices under management, including location, platform data, battery levels, Wi-Fi status, Bluetooth™ information and more. Additionally, devices can be located on street-level maps and, should they become lost or stolen, be wiped or locked remotely. Administrators may also create, revise and deploy policies and limit access to peripheral devices, such as the camera or to unapproved applications.

Avalanche Smartphone Management Specifications


Smartphone management provides rich reporting on ownership information such as battery level, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth™ information, serial number data together with IP information and other platform specific data.

Location Data

Administrators have access to device location data, such as GPS coordinates, assisted GPS (works indoors), and world-wide street-level mapping.


Avalanche now supports secure client enrollment system to allow end-users to receive Wi-Fi Personal and Wi-Fi Enterprise policies, peripheral control (camera, Bluetooth™, etc.), VPN configuration, application restrictions (YouTube, iTunes, etc.), email policies together with support for Microsoft Exchange and PIN / Lock policies.


Avalanche improves security by providing the ability to remotely wipe a device, or a remote wipe of a device utilizing Exchange, as well as remote device lock and directory encryption.


Avalanche Smartphone Management allows administrators to provision individual users via a wizard utility, and offers several options for mass provisioning: Wavelink Client via AppStore etc., ActiveSync / USB Installation.

Management Facilities

Smartphone Management offers secured web-based management and has an easy-to-use folder based structure for better organization.


Getting Started