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Avalanche Telicost

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Avalanche Telicost Features

Wavelink Avalanche Telicost is an innovative and powerful Real-Time Telecom Expense Management (R-TEM) SaaS solution that allows small, medium and large businesses to dramatically reduce their telecom expenses. Avalanche Telicost proactively monitors, reports and analyzes data, voice, SMS and roaming consumption on your fleet of mobile devices.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) systems analyze past bills from the carriers to determine if there were billing mistakes and search for ways to optimize telecommunication costs. The issue with TEM systems is that they analyze past expenses and do not forewarn of current or future potential expenses. Avalanche's R-TEM solution is able to analyze the carrier network usage in real-time and use predictive methods to help prevent costly, unexpected overages from occurring. Avalanche Telicost is supported on Android™, Apple® iPhone®, Apple® iPad®, M2M, Microsoft® Windows® and Windows Mobile®.

Avalanche Telicost Specifications

Cost Optimization

How do you know what plan to buy for your users if you don’t know how much they use? Wavelink Avalanche Telicost lets you know exactly how much your users consume and will automatically choose the optimal plan for them.

Security Benefits

Wavelink Avalanche Telicost detects and alerts IT of anomalous events such as off-hour work habits, large data transfers, changes to personal usage habits, unsanctioned device/network usage and possible data leakage events.

Personnel Management Benefits

Wavelink Avalanche Telicost tracks the employee’s use of corporate assets along with their GPS location to determine the extent of their use and whether they are being used for personal or work purposes. The IT Department can also hide apps and prevent users from modifying settings.

Policy Enforcement

Interactive alerts to the user when they pass predefined usage thresholds. These require the user to acknowledge the alert and capture it in an audit trail. Enforce policies such as service cutoffs when the device is roaming or exceeds its plan limits.

Usage Summary

Provides the user with a quick and easy way to monitor their own Data, Voice and SMS usage right on their device. The Plan Status icon will also give a quick visual queue of any usage alerts from any screen (just like a battery or signal strength meter).

The user can also drill down and track usage details for Data, Voice and SMS. Including; remaining days in their plan, incoming versus outgoing minutes, roaming data versus home network usage, etc.

Usage to Plan Reports

The Usage to Plan report will allow you to see the data, voice and SMS usage statistics from your fleet of mobile devices in real-time and how it compares to the carrier plans purchased. This report will help you save money by preventing overages.

Comparison Reports

The comparison report will allow you to compare usage between various users, groups, and even compare the data usage between different types of devices.

Location Tracking and Roaming Control

Location tracking gives management all the necessary tools to be proactive about roaming and minimize unexpected overages. It is also very helpful in tracking down lost or stolen devices. With Roaming Control receive “real-time” roaming alerts and track country, network, location and usage.


Getting Started

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