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BarTender Label Printing Software.

BarTender Label Printing Software

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BarTender Label Printing Software Features

BarTender is available in three editions that address a wide range of features and user requirements: Enterprise, Professional and Basic.

Enterprise Edition
Provides the full range of BarTender's most powerful features. Especially designed to allow automation control by other programs. Contains our complete set of external data access capabilities.

Delivers – Includes our most powerful software integration tools, such as ActiveX Automation, Enterprise messaging and Seagull's own Commander utility for cross-platform integration. Advanced data sourcing, including the industry's only SAP-certified direct IDoc interface. Intelligent network Install can set up a single copy of BarTender to run on unlimited workstations.

Licensing – Allows unlimited number of local area network users, with licensing based on the maximum number of printers. (Multiple corporate sites require individual licenses.)

Professional Edition
All of the label design and most of the data access of the Enterprise Edition. Network compatible, but not optimized for control by other software.

Delivers – All of the label design and printing features of the Enterprise Edition and most of the advanced data access capabilities, including ODBC. Fully network compatible. Control by other programs limited to a simple "command line" interface.

Leaves Out – No ActiveX Automation or Commander integration. No SAP IDoc interface. No automatic e-mailing of logged events and errors. Although otherwise network-compatible, Install program will not setup a single BarTender as shareable from multiple workstations.

Licensing – Licensing is based on the number of workstations running BarTender, regardless of whether or not they are on a common network. Supports an unlimited number of networked printers.

Basic Edition
For users who just need BarTender's essential label design and printing features.

Delivers – The most important "core" label design features. Includes all text, graphics and linear bar code support. Supports simple, numeric serialization. Useful for keyboard-supplied label data only..

Leaves Out – Does not offer integration, enterprise message handling, or external data access of any kind. No password protection, VB Script customization, text filtering, job logging, or 2D bar codes. No advanced or custom serialization.

Licensing – Same as Professional.

BarTender Label Printing Software Specifications

Features and Editions Comparison ChartColor Code: Enterprise Edition – Professional Edition – Basic Edition

Printer-Based Licensing
User-Based Licensing
Free Phone and E-mail Technical Support
HTML-Based Context-Sensitive Help
User Interface Translated into 20+ Languages
Password Protection
True WYSIWYG Label Design
“New Label” Wizard Ensures Proper Label Setup and Optimizes Performance
Drag and Drop Creation of all Objects, Including Lines,
Boxes and Graphic Images
Built-in Printer Font Support
Import Graphics in BMP, DCX, DIB, DXF, EPS, IMG, JPG,
Industry-Specific Graphic Symbol Font Libraries
One-Tenth Degree Rotation of Lines, Boxes, Text, and Graphics
Export Bar Codes and Labels for Use in Other Programs
Automatic Positioning and Alignment
Rectangular Label Outline
Circular and Elliptical Label Outline
Unlimited Undo / Redo Command
Full Color Support
Specify Background Images and Colors to Appear “Behind” Label Designs
Customizable Print-Time Prompts for Keyboard / Scanner Data
Library of “Ready-to-Print” Formats
Customizable Library of Reusable Components
Computation of Label Size from Number of Rows and Columns
Database of Thousands of Common Industry Label Stocks
Thumbnail Previews of Saved Label Formats, viewable
both in BarTender and Windows Explorer
Metric and US Measurement Systems
On-Screen Text Editing
Rich Text Formatting
Scale Text Horizontally or Vertically
Auto-Size Text to Fit Preset Heights and Widths
Basic Paragraph Support: Aligning and Spacing
Advanced Paragraph Support: Justifying and Indenting
User-Definable Tab Stops
White-on-Black Text Printing
Windows TrueType Fonts
Numerous 1D Symbologies
Numerous 2D Symbologies
Extensive Library of Industry-Standard Bar Code Formats
Option to Display Start / Stop Characters
Variable and Unlimited Width and Height
Minimum Width Limited Only by Printer Resolution
UCC / EAN 128 Application Identifier Setup Wizard
Automatic Check Digit Capability
Sequentially Numbered Bar Codes
Place Text Anywhere in Relation to Bar Codes
Customizable Character Template
Independently Suppress or Display Characters
from Different Sub-Fields
Over One Thousand Printers Supported
Advanced Print Preview
Set Starting Position on Pages of Partially Used Labels
Supports Printer-Based Bar Codes, Serial Numbers,
Time, Date, and Copies
Speed Optimization Reuses Repeating Data Instead of Resending
True Windows Drivers, Can Use Windows Spooler
Local and Network Printer Support
Identical and/or Serialized Copies Controllable from
Keyboard and Database
Job Logging
Basic Serialization (Increment, Numeric Base 10)
Increment or Decrement by Any Interval
Separate Rollover/Rollunder and Value Reset Options
Preserve or Expand Field Length When Rolling Over
Numeric, Alphabetic and Custom Base Serialization
Microsoft OLE DB and ODBC Support, Including Drivers for:
Access, AS/400, Btrieve, dBase, Excel, FoxPro, Informix,
Interbase, Linux, MySQL, Oracle, Paradox, Pervasive.SQL,
PostgreSQL, Progress, SQL Server, Sybase,and More
ASCII Text Files (Quote & Comma, CSV, Tab, User-Defined, &
Fixed Width)
SAP Certified Interface (mySAP.com and R/3)
Drag and Drop Data Linking
Versatile Multiple-Table Data Access
Import Variable Graphics from Databases
Data Query Wizard and Custom SQL Assistant
Individual Record-Picking at Print Time
Visual Basic Scripting for Custom Data Processing
User-Definable Min and Max Field Lengths
Customizable Data-Entry Filters and Error Checking
Multiple Sub-Fields Concatenated Per Label Object
Source Data with Keyboard, Time & Date (From PC or Printer)
Full System Unicode Compatibility: Supports not just data,
but also names of fields, tables, files, printers, servers, etc.
Easy Entry of Special and “Unprintable” Control Characters
Shareable Data Fields
Customizable Message Box Handling
Can Be Run as “Background” Application
Dynamically Selectable Label Formats and Data Sources
Automated Printer Selection
Logs Errors and Events to a File
Logs Errors and Events via E-Mail
E-mail User-Defined Messages Using VB Script
Command Line Interface Option
ActiveX Automation
“Commander” Integration Software Utility
  • Runs as Application or NT/2000/XP Service
  • Looks for Incoming Data Files and /or E-mails and Initiates Print Jobs
  • Logs Errors and Events to a File and /or via E-mail
Generate and Export Printer Code Templates
SAPscript-ITF Code Template for SAP Integrations
  • Fully Supported * Partially Supported


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