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Datalogic Rhino Mobile Computer.

Datalogic Rhino Mobile Computer

Datalogic Rhino Mobile Computer Features

  • Microsoft Windows Embedded CE operating system
  • Large high visibility color graphic display
  • Integrated anti-glare touch screen
  • WLAN: IEEE 802.11 b/g and optional a/b/g, CCX v4
  • IP65 protection class
  • Wide operating temperature range -30°C to 60°C
  • Tethered and cordless bar code scanning support
  • External ABCD, QWERTY and software keyboard options
  • Wavelink Powered™ with pre-installed and pre-licensed Wavelink® Avalanche™ and Terminal Emulation

Tailored for warehouse management, the Rhino™ increases productivity through reduced errors during receiving, put-away, picking and shipping activities. Addition of a hand held bar code scanner allows for quick data entry and location confirmation.

The Rhino™ vehicle mounted computer sets the industry rugged standard. Cast aluminum IP65 sealed case provides for the driest to the wettest environments. Easy to install because no covers, gaskets, or special cables are required for installation. A heater option protects the Rhino™ in freezing temperatures.

Equipped with a 10V - 60V internal isolated power supply, integrated power loss detection and battery backup for protection against data loss, no need for an external pre-regulator thereby reduces costs and facilitates the ease of installation. Rhino™ fits different mounting and space constraints. Mounting options include support for the vehicle mounted computer and ABCD or QWERTY external keyboards. A dedicated software keyboard with over 25 layouts (including 8 languages) adapts the Rhino™ to a minimum footprint and global enterprises.

The Rhino™ Windows CE 6.0 operating system and X Scale processor leverage the existing investment in mobile computing applications. Included in the Datalogic Utilities and Wavelink Powered program, the Rhino™ maximizes the return on investment through easy deployment, device management and customized maintenance.

Datalogic Rhino Mobile Computer Specifications

Physical and Environmental Specifications


9.2 in (23.4 cm)


10.7 in (27.3 cm)


2.0 in (5.2 cm), 2.6 in (6.6 cm) at connectors


5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)

Operating Voltage:

12-60 VDC input


Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride

Electrical rating:

12V 4A max, 48V 1A

Operating temperature:

Rhino™ 10: -10° to 50° C (14° to 122°F)

Low temp. model: -30° to 60° C (-22° to 140°F)

Storage temperature:

-30° to 70° C (-22° to 158°F)


0 to 100% RH


Getting Started

User’s Guides and Manuals