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Intermec CK30 Mobile Data Collection Terminal.

Intermec CK30 Mobile Data Collection Terminal

This product has been retired. Please contact sales to discuss replacement products.
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Intermec CK30 Mobile Data Collection Terminal Features

  • Highly configurable, offering terminal emulation, browser or custom client applications
  • Based on industry standard platform Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET
  • Powerful Intel® XScale™ processor
  • Color or mono display
  • Integrated imaging and laser scanner options
  • 802.11b/g radio with choices of wireless security protocols
  • Advanced ergonomic design for comfort

The Intermec® CK30 mobile data collection terminal continues the tradition of delivering on Intermec’s promise of rugged, reliable computing that will position your enterprise for the future with a combination of best-in-class features and functionality, such as thoughtful ergonomic design and integrated imaging options. With an unparalleled capability to perform legacy applications, the Intermec CK30 gives your enterprise investment insurance because it is the ideal bridge between the technologies you’re using today and what you will need tomorrow.

The Intermec CK30 delivers the right blend of features and performance with the Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET operating system, designed to provide the optimum combination of real time operation, tools support and standard connectivity available today for battery driven, mobile data collection devices.

The CE .NET operating system minimizes memory requirements, reduces complexity and allows the application developer to completely customize the user interface that is appropriate or desirable. CE .NET also supports mainstream application development tools for starting from scratch or upgrading existing applications. For client applications, the forward-looking .NET Compact Framework and Visual Studio .NET development tools will minimize any modifications between different .NET devices that might otherwise be required, including the Intermec® 700 Series Pocket PC mobile computer.

With CE .NET, Intermec has added features to the Intermec CK30 that enhance mobile data collection such as a simplified menu system tailored for key-based devices, display icons to provide intuitive, graphic-based status information to the operator and a data server for editing, filtering and routing to save programming time.

The Intel® XScale™ processor, running up to 400 MHz, provides more than enough power to drive the bright color display, a range of peripherals, repetitive scanning and wireless network traffic. It delivers the level of response time and throughput required for real time, mission-critical applications in warehousing, distribution, manufacturing operations and retail in-store management.

Because of the many configurations available, you can tailor the Intermec CK30 to your usage plans to support a wide range of applications. Three distinct keypad options – ranging from the simplified 42 key to a full 52 key alphanumeric keyboard – offer layouts for applications that range from shipping and receiving, put-away, picking, and cycle counting for the warehouse floor to price verification, stock management, and returns in the retail storefront. The Intermec CK30 applies superior technology and thoughtful design to all of these scan-intensive applications.

The device offers new linear imagers that deliver reliability and ideal scanning capabilities for arm’s length scanning applications. Users are also able to select laser scanners for either standard range or long-range applications. Additionally, an area imager option also supports 2D symbologies, and users can attach tethered scanners for additional ergonomic flexibility.

Position your enterprise for growth by selecting the 64MB RAM/64MB Flash model with a bright color display for the highest level of application flexibility. Or, choose less memory and a high contrast mono display for very thin clients or terminal emulation to reduce your initial investment. Additional configuration alternatives include Bluetooth™ for the convenience and flexibility of wireless peripherals such as wearable label printers.

Because the Intermec CK30 can run Intermec TE2000 as well as third party terminal emulation clients, it enables unparalleled portability of legacy applications for mix-and-match operability with existing TE networks. In addition, the Intermec CK30 offers investment protection because it can run existing Intermec 2400 family applications with only a re-compile. The Intermec CK30 is an attractive upgrade platform not only for the many legacy C++ applications from the 2400 Family, but also from other Intermec or competitive products.

Web-based applications can easily be implemented either through Intermec’s text-based dcBrowser™ or the bundled lock-down browsers based on Pocket Internet Explorer or IE6.

The CK30’s Wi-Fi® certified 802.11b/g radios, including a CCX (Cisco) Program certification*, insure consistent performance by providing the best available wireless network throughput and reliability. For off-line applications, the Intermec CK30 batch model readily fits into a single or 4-bay communication dock with USB, RS232 or Ethernet host connectivity.

Security features of the Intermec CK30 are second to none with support for traditional WEP and the new Wi-Fi WPA standard, as well as full 802.1x compliance including the Windows standard EAP-TLS and PEAP, EAP-TTLS and the compatibility with many existing networks with LEAP support. Government users can select the FIPS security standard, also available to commercial users for increased security.

The user-tested ergonomic design of the Intermec CK30 has rendered a lightweight and uncommonly well-balanced device that reduces stress and fatigue during extended work sessions. Its sculpted back case is shaped to comfortably accommodate any hand size. An optional user-installable and removable pistol grip handle is ideal for highly repetitive scanning situations or accommodating user preference.

An additional design feature of the Intermec CK30 includes a high capacity lithium-ion battery “back” directly integrated into the shape of the computer, so users can not only expect at least a full shift of usage without having to change the battery, but also can avoid the complications of a battery door. Intermec power management software ensures the longest possible battery life between charges. For user convenience, the Intermec CK30 batteries can be removed and charged separately, or the Intermec CK30 itself can simply be dropped into charge-only docks – or even re-charged while placed in communication docks.

The Intermec CK30 can be factory configured for English and all Western European languages, or for display of Asian fonts including Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean.

Intermec CK30 Mobile Data Collection Terminal Specifications

Physical Description: 
The Intermec CK30 is a rugged handheld mobile data collection computer featuring an embedded Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system and an Intel XScale PXA255 processor. It is available in three discrete models.
Operating System: 
Microsoft Windows CE.NET (CK30C), Microsoft Windows CE 4.2 (CK30A and CK30B)
Integrated 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11b

Physical Characteristics
Length: 20.8 cm (8.2 in.)
Width: 7.1 cm (2.8 in.) at grip
Height: 3.3 cm (1.3 in.) at finger grip; 4.1 cm (1.6 in.) at base
Weight: 490 g (17.3 oz.) including battery, radio and scanner

Microprocessor: Intel Xscale PXA255; 200 or 400 MHz
Memory: Up to 64 MB RAM and 64 MB non-volatile Flash
Memory/Storage Extension: Secure Digital (SD) card slot, user accessible

Bar Code Scanning
Scan Engine: Integrated EV10 linear imager, standard and advanced long-range laser; and 2D area imager
Symbologies Read: All popular 1D and 2D symbologies including:Code 39, I 2 of 5, S 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, Code 128, Code 93, Code 93i, Codabar, Codablock, MSI, Plessey, UPC, EAN/EAN128, ISBT128, Code 11, RSS, Telepen, PDF417, Micro-PDF417, Macro-PDF417, Masicode, Datamatri

Battery Type/Supply: Lithium-Ion 2200 mAh, 7.2V with 10 minutes backup
Battery Life: 8-12 hours, application dependent
Recharging Time: 3-4 hours

Operating Temp: -10° to 50° C (14° to 122° F)
Storage Temp: -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F)
Recharging Temp: 0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
Environmental Protection: IP53 with case AG1
Drop Survival: Multiple 1.2 m (4 ft.) drops to steel or concrete

Secure Digital (SD) card slot, user accessible. Options for Bluetooth™ and Ethernet 10/100 base T docking (batch model)

160 x 160 pixel backlit, scratch-resistant, non-glare display. Monochrome or color

Elastomeric keypad with options for simplified numeric/function and full alphanumeric layouts (42, 50 and 52-key versions)

Terminal Emulation: VT/ANSI, 5250, 3270. Supports Intermec TE2000 and third party solutions, RDP/Remote Terminal Services
Development Environments: Embedded Visual C++ 4.0, .NET Compact Framework (VB .NET and C#)
Browser support: Embedded browser tailored to device features with lockdown, based on Internet Explorer 6 (CK30C) or Pocket IE (CK30B). Also text-based browser option.
Software Development Kit: Supports device-specific features and bar code scanning
Programmers Software Kit (PSK): For Intermec 2400 Family upward compatibility

Integrated radio
Data Rates: Up to 54 Mbps per 802.11g; 11 Mbps per 802.11b
Standards Compliant: IEEE 802.11g (2.4 Ghz.- OFDM)IEEE 802.11b (2.4 GHz – DSSS)Radio Power: 50 mW
Security: WEP, WPA, 802.1x (EAP-TLS, TTLS**, LEAP**, PEAP)
Certifications: Wi-Fi, WPA, Cisco CCX v.1

Device Management
Centralized remote support capability; Configures, updates and maintains single devices or entire populations; Real-time or batch, wired or wireless; Based on Wavelink Avalanche™ with Intermec’s value added utilities

Keypad overlays for Western European languages; Optional character sets for English/W. European, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Japanese, Korean and Thai

Communications and charging dock: Single bay communications cradle with serial/USB/Ethernet.
4-slot communications dock with serial/Ethernet.
Mobile cradle: Vehicle mount (non-powered)
Chargers: 4-slot battery re-charger; 4-slot terminal charge-only dock.
Cables: 9-pin serial adapter
User Accessories: Pistol grip handle; holster; hand strap; wrist strap; protective case, protective boot, swiveling belt clip

Regulatory Approvals
UL Listed, UL 60950 and C22.2 No. 60950, TÜV Rheinland GS, EN 60950 and EN 60825-1, Mexico, NYCE Certified NOM 19, FCC Part 15, Canada, ICES-003 Class B, EN 55022 / CISPR 22, Class B, EN 55024. Compliant with all European directives, CE marked.

CK30A: Batch configurations with mono display, 32MB RAM/32MB Flash, Intermec CE “Standard” version, 200 MHz XScale processor
CK30B: Wireless configurations with mono display, 32MB RAM/32MB Flash, Intermec CE “Standard” version, 200 MHz XScale processor
CK30C: Wireless configurations with color display, 64MB RAM/64MB Flash, Intermec CE “Premium” version, 400 MHz XScale processor


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