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Intermec dcBrowser Client Software.

Intermec dcBrowser Client Software

Intermec dcBrowser Client Software Features

  • Leverages existing web development tools
  • Reduces development time and simplifies programming
  • Streamlines system performance
  • Lowers cost of ownership and project support
  • Easy installation and administration
  • Produces faster response times

The Intermec® dcBrowserTM Gateway is a software-based gateway for the Windows NT operating system. The dcBrowser (Data Collection Browser) Gateway enables you to use standard web development tools to create powerful new enterprise data collection applications.

Unlike other browsing applications available today, necessary features such as scanning and printing are supported by the Intermec dcBrowser Gateway.

The dcBrowser Gateway is optimized for data collection applications on small industrial clients such as the graphics-based Intermec 700, 5020 or 5023 devices and on character-based terminals such as the Intermec 2020, 2400 family and 6400.

It is intended for vertical business applications as opposed to random web browsing.

Consistent Application Development Environment
The dcBrowser Gateway allows developers to use common web-based application development tools they already are familiar with for desktop applications and extend it to mobile computing. Within seconds, standard HTML program screens and transferred to text-based only messages and are viewable on one, or multiple, mobile computers with the ability to input scan data.

Better Performance
The dcBrowser Gateway allows the large amounts of graphical information previously required by traditional browsers to be replaced by a small amount of text - greatly streamlining radio frequency bandwidth. This increases both application throughput and terminal battery life achieving enhanced system performance overall.

Freedom to Host Applications on any Platform
Today, web servers are available for nearly every host platform. Companies no longer require a mainframe or even a midsize computer to run all their enterprise functions. With the help of dcBrowser Gateway smaller applications can be hosted by PC-sized platforms easily and reliably.

Investment Protection
The dcBrowser Gateway builds the bridge between TE and HTML. Web technologies (i.e. servers, browsers, and web development tools) are well established and here to stay for the foreseeable future. Using the dcBrowser Gateway, you can easily extend systems that bring legacy data to desktop browsers and bring that same information to data collection computers. Software updates and administrative tasks are performed instantly via the Internet and IP networks, lowering development and support costs and increasing service quality to users.

Intermec dcBrowser Client Software Specifications

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Memory: 128 MB memory for minimal system of 30 clients Microprocessor: INTEL PII 266 MHz


Hard Drive: 2-MB available hard disk space required

Operating System

Windows NT 4.X or above


Graphic terminals: 700, 5020, or 5023 Character-based terminals: 2020, 2415, 2425, 2435, 2475, 2485, 2486, or 6400 Supports HTML version 3.2 with additional

Intermec data collection tags

  • Runs as NT service, or as instantiated application
  • One gateway will support up to 512 clients TCP/IP transport 2.4 GHz Open Air Wireless LANs
  • IEEE 802.11b

Software Testing

Rigorously tested and customized system for fast response time under heavy traffic

loads in large enterprise data collection environments

Advanced Technology

New enhancements that take full advantage of the latest web technology across the Intermec product family

Service and Support

Worldwide support by factory trained experts with access to full engineering resources


Getting Started