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Intermec IF30 Fixed RFID Reader.

Intermec IF30 Fixed RFID Reader

This product has been retired. Please contact sales to discuss replacement products.
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Intermec IF30 Fixed RFID Reader Features

Overview of IF30 Fixed RFID Reader

The IF30 is a cost-effective, high performance fixed reader that reliably reads and writes UHF RFID tags in “RF noisy” environments. The IF30’s receive sensitivity enables large populations of tags to be interrogated at high speeds, which is critical to many use cases involving dock doors, portals and conveyors. In addition to reading tags at distances over 15 feet (4.6 meters), the IF30 can filter tag data to prevent sending redundant information to the host system.

With best in class Dense Reader Mode performance, the IF30 fixed reader allows users to grow their RFID operations to include multiple dock doors in close proximity, thus enabling accurate, automated receiving and shipment verification. This drives more effective put away processes. Increased receive sensitivity allows the IF30 to interrogate weaker/unreadable tags that often lead to expensive exception handling processes and slower supply chain throughput.

Unlike all competitors, the IF30 has a built-in power supply and 4 mono-static RF ports which reduce the costs and complexity at installation with fewer component pieces to complete the overall solution.

Continuing to focus on keeping the costs of ancillary equipment and installation low, the IF30 fixed reader includes powered general purpose input/output (GPIO) circuitry, which allows direct monitoring and/or controlling of peripherals such as presence detectors and signal lights without requiring extra devices and power supplies to facilitate the connection.

Intermec SmartSystem™ Foundation, a device management system included on the IF30, lets you view and configure all of the settings contained in the device from one convenient location allowing for a quicker set-up.

SmartSystems-enabled devices appear on an administrator’s console, providing real-time visibility to device status and information, and centralized access to remote devices like the IF30 reader.

The intuitive console allows administrators to change device settings, send firmware upgrades, update software applications, and execute other changes directly from the console to save time and significantly cut costs.

The IF30 reader is also supported by Intermec’s RFIDeploySM Services which provide process analysis, site analysis and installation. By deploying the full suite of services, your system performance will be guaranteed for 18 months, or you may simply select the service that will facilitate the completion of your RFID roll out.

In support of a global supply chain, the IF30 is FCC and ETSI certified, and is factory configured to operate in RFID frequency bands 865MHz, 869MHz and 915MHz.

Intermec IF30 Fixed RFID Reader Specifications

Antennas, antenna cables, mounting

Operating Temperature: -20°C to 55°C (-13° F to 131° F)
Storage Temperature: -30ºC to 75ºC (-22° F to 167° F)
Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non-condensing)
Enclosure: IP53

Physical Characteristics
Length: 32.35 cm (12.74 in)
Width: 22.60 cm (8.90 in)
Height: 8.25 cm (3.25 in)
Weight: 6.75lbs (3.06 Kg)

Duty Cycle: 100%
110-240 VAC auto ranging
Power Supply is internal and included


Getting Started

User’s Guides and Manuals