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Intermec IF5 Fixed RFID Reader.

Intermec IF5 Fixed RFID Reader

This product has been retired. Please contact sales to discuss replacement products.
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Intermec IF5 Fixed RFID Reader Features

Overview of IF5 Fixed RFID Reader

Joining an already diversified line of RFID readers, the Intermec IF5 is a fixed “smart” reader that filters information from tags, monitors external sensors and controls audible/visual indicators, without the expense, and potential point of failure of a separate server “box”, required by other RFID scanning solutions. As with all Intermec reader products, the IF5 both reads and writes to RFID tags.

Filtering Information 
Filtering incoming tag data means sending only pertinent information upstream to the host. The IF5 filters, manages and acts upon the data read from tags according to application parameters, all made possible by internal Java® or Java Script applications. The Java application can also be programmed to change the configuration parameters of the IF5 in response to new incoming data from a tag or peripheral device. For example, a dock door portal – mounted IF5 reader can be programmed to scan the “destination” field on all tags passing through, and subsequently flash a red beacon light for the fork lift driver if an item is about to be incorrectly loaded.

Monitor Sensors/Visual Indicators 
The IF5 reader includes powered general purpose input/output (GPIO) circuitry, which allows direct monitoring and/or controlling of peripherals such as presence detectors and signal lights without requiring extra devices and power supplies to facilitate the connection.

Development and Device Management
For rapid application development, Intermec provides development libraries for .Net and Java on Microsoft® operation systems. Developer s simply write the application once and have the capability to port it over to different RFID devices such as Intermec mobile and vehicle mount computers. Intermec SmartSystem™ Foundation, a remote management system, comes standard on the IF5. An intuitive administrator’s console provides centralized access to remote devices like the IF5 reader. Administrators can change device settings, send OS upgrades, update software applications, and execute other changes directly from the console to save time and significantly cut costs.

Ethernet and WiFi 
The IF5 comes standard with an internal auto-range power supply, IPv4 and IPv6 plus an optional 802.11b/g CCX certified radio enabling seamless integration into existing Ethernet or WiFi infrastructures. The IF5 is straightforward to integrate and capable of continuous operation anywhere in the world.

Deployment Services 
Ensure success with your RFID system by utilizing Intermec’s deployment services Intermec’s deployment services can assist in initial process analysis and site analysis to full site installations.

Intermec IF5 Fixed RFID Reader Specifications

802.11g radio, antennas, antenna cables, mounting bracket, Compact Flash card

Operating Temperature: -25°C to 55°C (-13° F to 131° F)
Storage Temperature: -30ºC to 75ºC (-22° F to 167° F)
Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non-condensing)
Enclosure: IP53

Physical Characteristics
Length: 35.6 cm (14 in.)
Width: 23.1 cm (9.1 in.)
Height: 9.53 cm (3.75 in.)

Duty Cycle: 100%
110-240 VAC auto ranging
Power supply is internal and included


Getting Started