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Intermec Printer Network Manager.

Intermec Printer Network Manager

Intermec Printer Network Manager Features

  • Free software utility
  • Full management of bar code label printers
  • Group printers for easier management
  • Drag & drop ease of use
  • Real-time alert messaging from the printer
  • Error / alert statistical reports

The Intermec Printer Network Manager™ (IPNM) is a FREE software product provided by Intermec that enables centralized remote printer management across a network. Users can monitor printer status changes and setup alert messages that can be routed to email-enabled devices like cell phones, text pagers or PCs. IPNM enables administrators to simplify the tasks and reduce costs of supporting the operations and maintenance of networked Intermec printers.Bar code label printers can now be managed worldwide from one central location. To make the management of multiple printers easier these printers can be grouped for alert settings. This is a unique function of the Intermec Printer Network Manager software. Administrators can categorize printers into groups by region, business requirement (warehouse, manufacturing, office), specific application or their own personalized choice / setup.Once on the network the IPNM software auto searches and locates all Intermec EasyCoder printers on the network.

Administrators can then change the printer configuration, alerts, upgrade firmware, and even reboot the printers.There are currently 8 standard alert messages to choose from for alerting the administrator when the printer is out of labels, ribbon is low, head lifted, etc. IPNM will provide statistics of the errors or alerts per group or by printer. The log file may then be exported for use in other applications.IPNM supports all EasyCoder printers that are using EasyLAN and EasyLAN™ Wireless interfaces. Full functionality is available on printers EasyCoder 501XP, 601XP, F2, F4, and F4ci, PF2i, PF4i, PF4ci, PM4i, PX4i and PX6i.Large and medium sized companies looking to reduce management and labor costs for their bar code label printers will find the Intermec Printer Network Manager an invaluable tool.

Intermec Printer Network Manager Specifications

Operating System

Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, 2003 Server or XP. IPNM runs as a service on Windows NT 4.0, 2000 (Workstation or Server Edition), 2003 Server, Windows XP Home/Professional.

SMTP compliant email system for email alerts.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Same as respective Operating System 8MB available hard disk space required

Supported EasyCoder Printers

• EasyCoder PF2i, PF4i, PF4ci, PM4i, PX4i and PX6i with EasyLAN or EasyLAN Wireless network interface

• EasyCoder 501XP, 601XP, F2, F4, and F4ci,with EasyLAN 100i network interface.

• EasyCoder 3400e, 4420e and 4440e with EasyLAN Wireless

• Any EasyCoder printer with EasyLAN 10 network interface.

Note: Full functionality is available on printers EasyCoder 501XP, 601XP, F2, F4, F4ci, PF2i, PF4i, PF4ci, PX4i and PX6i. Other EasyLAN interfaces provide printer detection and basic interface information,but not grouping, alerts and printer detailed information.

Setup / Configuration

  • Easy start up – A Start-up Wizard will guide through the initial set-up.
  • Automatic Printer detection – An advanced scanning mechanism will detect any Intermec EasyLAN equipped printer on your network. Scanning can be set to scan a subnet or an IP range.

User Interface

Printer Overview pane

• Shows all Intermec EasyCoder printers equipped with EasyLAN on the network

• Logical group support – drag any printer into desired group

• View printer name, IP address and MAC address

• Sort by IP address or name

Printer properties pane

• Individual printer network significant proprieties and printer alert settings

• Group properties

Alert pane

• Displays latest alert data including

• Time

• Printer

• IP address

• Alert

• Action

• Sort alerts on any of attributes above

Printer Management tools

Highlighting the individual printer and launching the desired tool below can access printer administration functions.

• Printer Web pages – for printer and network settings

• FTP – for updating printer and EasyLAN firmware

• Telnet – for communication with the printer


Printer statistics can be viewed and / or downloaded to a log file showing the following.

• 10 most frequent printers

• Alerts per group

• Log file for export to external systems


Supported Alert transport

• Forward messages to any email enabled device e.g. email client, PDA, Mobile Computer or SMS text message

Supported Alerts

• Out of paper

• Out of ribbon

• Ribbon low

• Head lifted

• Cutter error

• Label Not taken

• Setup mode

• Application Break

Alert Messages are fully customizable with alert header and messages including:

• Alert description

• Alert name

• Date

• Time

• IP Address

• Printer description

• Printer name

Printer Group Management

• Add group

• Delete group

• Edit group settings

• Download settings to group

Sending Printer Alerts

• Group wide – alert sent to same recipient irrespective of alert type

• Individual per alert – each alert may be sent to different recipients

• Alerts can be sent to single or multiple recipients


Getting Started