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Intermec PW50 Workboard Printer.

Intermec PW50 Workboard Printer

This product has been retired. Please contact sales to discuss replacement products.
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Intermec PW50 Workboard Printer Features

PW50 Workboard Printer Features

  • Perfect complement for Intermec CN3/3e, CN4/4e, and CN70/70e mobile computers
  • Convenient, integrated solution simplifies use in both portable and vehicle mount applications
  • Optimized for DSD, Home Delivery and Field Service applications
  • Integrated DEX communications allows easy connectivity to in-store computer system
  • Optional magnetic stripe and smart card readers
  • Patented power management maximizes battery life
  • High-speed electronics and high-voltage battery deliver fast print speeds
  • Standard communications includes Bluetooth® and serial

Product Overview

Designed specifically for use with Intermec CN3/3e, CN4/4e, and CN70/70e mobile computers, the PW50 four-inch mobile workboard printer provides a convenient, integrated solution for DSD and field service applications. With its integrated DEX communications, fast print speed, Bluetooth connectivity, and optional integrated smart card and magnetic stripe readers, the PW50 provides everything the mobile worker needs to process transactions quickly and easily.

This integrated solution provides a single convenient bundle that can easily be transported or installed in a vehicle. Custom holders safely secure the handheld computer in the mobile printer, yet allow easy removal for scanning or data entry. Hand straps and shoulder straps are available to simplify moving the equipment between the truck and the point of delivery. Drivers can easily keep batteries charged on both the printer and handheld computer: a single electrical connection through the vehicle mount or 12 volt adapter will charge both devices simultaneously.

Mobility and Power Supply

The PW50 interfaces seamlessly with Bluetooth-enabled Intermec mobile computers including the CN3/3e, CN4/4e, and CN70/70e. Bluetooth connectivity allows the print job to be initiated whenever the handheld and printer are within wireless range of each other.

A unique design combines a high-voltage battery, patented techniques for power management, and high speed “desktop” electronics. This enables the PW50 to print the full-width of all pixels simultaneously and achieve best-in-class print speeds.

Patented power management of the robust 4-cell Li-Ion battery enables the PW50 to maintain consistent voltage to the print head for high quality printing, independent of the charge remaining in the battery. Battery capacity is designed to print 2 full rolls of receipts with 10% density text without the need to charge or change the batteries.

With 64MB of on-board Flash memory and the ability to store a full Unicode font, the PW50 gives users the flexibility to easily use multiple languages. In addition, users can improve throughput by storing frequently-used formats and graphics on the printer, eliminating the need to download large files from the mobile computer.

Unique Design

The PW50 combines rubberized bumpers, extra-durable gears, and a fully-integrated radio and antenna, enabling the printer to withstand the bumps and drops common to fast-paced mobile usage.

The PW50 is designed for ease of use. Paper loading, charging, and printing are fast and simple, enabling users to perform their job efficiently.

Intermec PW50 Workboard Printer Specifications

Operating temperature: -20° C to 50° C (-4° F to 122° F)
Storage temperature: -30° C to 70° C (-22° F to 158° F)
Charging temperature: 0° C to 40° C (32° F to 104° F)
Humidity: 10 to 90% (non-condensing)
Electrostatic Discharge:
Contact Discharge: +/-8kV
Air Discharge: +/-15kV
Sealing: IP20
Drop spec: Survives 1.2 m (4 ft) drops to concrete

Physical Characteristics
Height: 180 mm (7.0 in)
Width: 310 mm (12.2 in)
Depth: 80 mm (3.2 in)
Weight: 1688 g (59.5 oz) with battery

Battery: Rechargeable 14.8V Li-Ion, 2200mAh (4 cells); 32.56 watt hours; Battery must be ordered separately.
Recharging: 6 hours maximum
AC Adapter: 50 watts
Voltage Range: 12V +/- 5%

Print Specifications
Print Resolution: 203 DPI (8 dots/mm)
Print Width: Maximum Print Width 108 mm (4.25 in)
Print Speed: 4 IPS (100 mm/s)


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