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Intermec SyVox Speech IDK.

Intermec SyVox Speech IDK

Intermec SyVox Speech IDK Features

The SyVox Speech Interface Developer's Kit (IDK) was designed to meet the needs of software developers looking to build speech recognition and/or text to speech enabled applications.

  • Interact with Intermec® 750 Color Mobile Computer using speech commands
  • Build your own mobile speech application using standard development tools
  • Speaker independent technology eliminates voice templates or pre-recorded voice prompts
  • Support multi-modal user input - keyboard, scanning, RFID
  • Build connected (wireless) or disconnected (batch) applications
  • Utilize standard XML interfaces to easily speech-enable new or existing applications

Integrate Speech Today
Once considered bleeding edge technology, speech and voice directed systems are now proven tools for increasing productivity, accuracy and safety for mobile workers. Hands-free data collection has provided quick ROI for companies who have embraced speech technology.

Escape Limitations of Traditional Voice Systems
The SyVox IDK lets you build your own speech application. You can leverage existing business rules while providing just in time assignments and information to users. An easy to understand XML interface enables your application to communicate directly to the SyVox Speech Client. You control what is spoken to the user, and you control what words or phrases will be recognized by the system. By activating bar code scanners and placing text messages on the screen of the device you can produce your own multimodal, multitasking applications.

Advanced Speech Technology
The SyVox Client incorporates industrial noise filtering and automatic gain control with a speaker independent speech engine for the latest in mobile speech technology. Use standard development tools, including Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, to build your speech application.

The SyVox Speech IDK includes:

  • SyVox Speech Client, single user license
  • SyVox Speech Developer's Guide
  • Sample code and XML documents
  • PC host simulator for ease of testing and demonstrating your speech application
  • 5 Support Cases

Intermec SyVox Speech IDK Specifications