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Intermec TE 2000 Software.

Intermec TE 2000 Software

Intermec TE 2000 Software Features

TE 2000, designed for enterprise data collection, is a proven terminal emulation client application for Intermec mobile devices. TE 2000 is stronger than ever before. It supports multiple emulation protocols in a single client and has new features such as ses­sion persistence, remote management and configuration, and offers a new maintenance plan to keep you up-to-date with the latest releases and upgrades. Im­proved productivity, reduced errors, and fast return on investment are all benefits you can expect with the use of TE 2000.

TE 2000 provides terminal emulation for 3270, 5250 and VT/ANSI environments and currently runs on Intermec Antares, CK30, CV60 and 700 Series mobile and wireless computers. The software provides a common menu structure and consistent user interface across the product line to simplify the use and management of applications. TE 2000 also provides multiple session support so users can switch between up to four dif­ferent sessions without having to log out and re-launch each application.

Session Persistence
Losing connection with the host application is a common event that occurs which results in lost data and time. Intermec’s dual radio access point, the WA22, along with an Intermec client running TE 2000, provides wireless ses­sion persistence and preserves data and productivity when wireless connections are lost. Connections can be retained with the host after long periods of being out of coverage or after being suspended. Users save time because they are not required to re-login when the connection is resumed.

Remote Management & Configuration
Remote management and configuration are also available with the new TE 2000 release. TE 2000 is integrated with Intermec settings and Wavelink Avalanche to provide “no touch” configuration of all TE 2000 client devices from a singleremote console. Intermec Settings and Ava­lanche perform rapid hands-off updates of wireless devices located anywhere within the enterprise. The system revises configurations, synchronizes software and updates firmware and drivers – remotely and seamlessly. This reduces the burden on your IT resources, and helps eliminate labor-intensive management of mobile equipment.

Intermec TE 2000 Software Specifications

Maintenance Plan

Keeping software up-to-date is critical to maximizing your workforce. With TE 2000 there is an optional annual maintenance plan that will keep you up-to-date on the latest TE 2000 offerings. It includes free software maintenance and updates, free telephone support and discounted upgrades.

Session Persistence

• Works with Intermec WA22 Access Point TGAP feature

• Compatible with any wireless infrastructure

• Plug and Play installation with no server side software to install

Remote Configuration

• Integrates with Intermec Settings Local and Remote Console

• Remotely configure TE 2000 settings

• Utilizes Broadcast capabilities or Wavelink Avalanche

Local Printing

• Print locally via Ethernet or cabled printers

• Local printing via RF (802.11), LAN (Ethernet), PAN (Bluetooth), IrDA, Serial

Serial Com

• Directly connect serial devices such as scales to input terminals

Extended Commands

• Design applications sending extended commands to control the computer state dynamically

• Supports legacy Telxon commands

Screen Configuration

• Automatically saves screen configuration and font size after rebooting

• Complete support of Intermec’s Data Collection Computer Family

• Supports variable font sizes

• Easy to increase visibility of applica- tions on stationary and vehicle-mount terminals

• Supports Far East and EU code pages

• Customizable fonts

Additional Features

• Hybrid UI

• Configurable toolbar

• Hot spots

• Auto log-in

• Key remapping

• Host name support

• Foreground, background and field level color support

• Replaceable SIP Keyboards support


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