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Intermec WWAN Toolkit.

Intermec WWAN Toolkit

Intermec WWAN Toolkit Features

  • Shortens development time
  • Improves application quality
  • Eliminates the complexity of WWAN communications
  • Supports Intermec® 700 Series handheld devices
  • Provides application portability

The WWAN Toolkit is a software product developed by Intermec specifically for developers and integrators of Intermec handheld products utilizing Wide Area Wireless (WWAN) radios. This comprehensive library enables partners to easily and quickly interface WWAN functionality into their applications without having to go through the additional expense of costly and time-consuming development work of their own. The WWAN Toolkit is a software solution for a variety of markets including manufacturing, warehousing, transportation/logistics, DSD and more. The WWAN Toolkit application has the ability to initiate and receive voice, data and fax calls, control radio power and network attachments and report carrier and signal strength.

Shortens Development Time
The WWAN Toolkit provides a comprehensive library for successful out-of-the-box implementation allowing programmers to quickly design and deploy applications. The toolkit requires little training. Programmers simply use the provided code to develop WWAN applications. Once the program is developed for one device it will work on all of the supported radios. It is not necessary to re-write applications for multiple radios.

Improved Application Quality
The toolkit includes source code for a real-life implementation. The code is ready-to-use and has already been checked and verified. This keeps testing time at a minimum and provides improved application quality.

Eliminates the Complexity of WWAN Communications
With the WWAN Toolkit, programmers are not required to understand all aspects of WWAN development. The toolkit will manage complexities such as dropped connections, new networks, bandwidth fluctuations and power management allowing programmers to quickly implement applications.

Intermec WWAN Toolkit Specifications


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